sleeping on the gym floor !!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whytry, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. can anyone tell me , if you book transit accom at a unit and end up sleeping on the gym floor......can you claim a higher rate of money ? it ******* baffles me how ARMY BE THE BEST and we sleep on the gym floor.......
  2. Maybe they didn't like you?
  3. Beats sleeping outside.
  4. Yep. At least you had a roof over yer head.
  5. I reckon we've all been there, on at least more than one occasion! :D
  6. Dig out the tri-service accommodation regulations - you might get lucky!
  7. sure your'e not a crab?????????
  8. You get nowt. Unless Field Conditions have been declared... Did they feed you? If yes you're proper fcked. Sorry.
  9. Typical army response. Someone raises a perfectly reasonable point about a quality of life issue and you all respond as if it's somehow macho to be treated this way and this person should consider themselves lucky. Until more of you refuse to accept this kind of treatment without protest, you will continue to be treated as second class citizens!
  10. Perhaps it might help your case to present a bit more context?

    How long have you had to endure this restriction of basic human rights?

    What has your chain of command done about it?

    The answers to these questions and more will help to confirm if your decision to join the Army was well founded, or if perhaps you should transfer to the crabs.
  11. It is tempting to think that the money saved by making personnel sleep on the gym floor rather than in properly furnished (?!?) transit accommodation night be spent on more bullets, bombs or to save a battalion or two, or even on barrack blocks or FMQs! However, it is more likely to be spent on millions of copies of Focus newspapers and more corporate comms civil servants!

    A little telephone call to the local rag might just generate a headline "Squaddies made to sleep on gym floor!" Like a firework, light the touchpaper (anonymously) and stand well back.

    If you are really upset then write to your MP! You can't be punished for this!
  12. Quality of life - Army!!

    Nah! Your taking the piss aren’t ya. If yon fella had to kip in the gym for a couple of nights because there was no room at the inn then mark it down to being a character building exercise. They could have made him kip in the guardroom. You have to remember that it's the Army not the sally army. If he had any initiative he would have found alternative accomodation. As the saying goes, Any cnut can rough it.
  13. Tell your MP that the 5-a-side football is keeping you awake.
  14. Where did this take place, I know some places "TA" That do not have transit accom but do make use of the drill hall/gym to allow servicemen on duty and or recreational visits ie sports tours etc to use them for kippin. Give more details before whingin
  15. Absolutely agree AB. The Adult Learning Initiative report would agree, it described the accommodation our recruits our forced to live in as 'slum conditions.'

    This is totally unacceptable. Perhaps the NAO should do an investigation of our living accommodation, that might raise its profile amongst our political masters = more money.

    MOD. Equipment or people focused? What makes the news most? Late overbudget equipment projects or shite living conditions for a majority of our soldiers and officers?