Sleeping makes men thick and stressed

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tattooedlady, Mar 27, 2007.

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  2. sakly

    What a load of old guff!!! :yawnstretch:
  3. Its all the fault of women stealing the Duvet and farting.
  4. Sleeping with WOMEN makes us thick and stressed... it's not surprising is it? I snored the wrong way and was violently woken up by a doris wanting to know who Anna was. That sort of thing's bound to make you stressed and become a tad thicker.
  5. phantom, you know nowt! its a love puff dont ya know and not a fart!!! (nudge nudge say no more)!
  6. I shall say nothing of Mrs Phantoms ability to lift the duvet with her 'love puffs' and set the smoke alarm off.
  7. Excuse moi for one upfemaleship here.......... but

    I can lift a duvet with a small love puff, after a supper of sprouts, fillet steak and onions. Small fry if you pardon the pun here...... I am proud of the results. Even MrDarth is trying to compete.!
  8. So THATS why so many clever people are virgins then!

    Ah, I'm the exception that proves the rule :)
  9. Mrs Phantom is a vegetarian - sprouts are one of her staple foods.
  10. :muhaha:

    Oww it hurts, just laughing tooo much at that one
  11. And you're still married?

    My woman only sleeps so well because I keep a bottle of chloroform by the bed for when she starts struggling. She does wake me up though, fcuking cow, by nicking the sheet, rearranging the fcuking duvet at 2am (so she gets it and I don't) and then trying to fcuking hug me. I'd knock her teeth out but I'm scared of her...
  12. You should show more respect for your mother.
  13. LMAO, how can a topic go from bed to sprouts in just a few short posts, I'm more used to sprout talk turning into sex talk and no its not some kinky fetish haha xxx
  14. You didn't, why should I?
  15. You like c0ck sprouting warts like a cauliflower you say?
    Dirty fcuking scouser - bet your gash has more diseases than logged by the WHO.
    Want a fcuk?