Sleeping bags for the very large

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Big_Show, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. I'm off on a CCF camp in a couple of weeks (cue torrent of abuse) and we've just been told that we have to buy our own sleeping bags to sleep in in billetts and on an overnight exercise. Seeing as I have to buy a bag for this I'm thinking I might as well buy one good enough for going to South Africa next year where it could get a bit nippy seeing as I am going to be living at reasonable altitude.

    The problem is that I'm a bit of a chunky barsteward and I'm not short either. So, anyone got any suggestions for a decent 3 or 4 seasons bag that will fit a 6'5", 50" chest, 46" waist cadet?


  2. hehe
  3. feck me, tell me you're an adult instructor
  4. Feck me, your username is a reflection of yourself.
  5. HCAV might have some spare horse blankets.
  6. Nope I'm not an adult instructor. I am the oldest cadet at my school (and will be leaving the cadets and school after camp), but my little brother will soon beat me as the largest even though he's 4 years younger than me.

    So after my life story, any suggestions for a sleeping bag? I was thinking of a softie 12 but I can't find specifications of what size they fit to anywhere. Anyone own one of these?
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You might have to buy two of those one's that zip together - failing that use one for the bottom half and the other for the top...

    For SA you need something that can handle -5 upwards, it gets chilly in winter especially in the Berg...
  8. 46" waist? Feck me, I am not a small unit myself and for some bizarre reason spent most of my military sleeping career in a gurkha (small) sleping bag. However that does not sound healthy in any way. No, I care not for BMIs because they are a broad average but that chest-to-waist ratio sounds very, very wrong. Fetch the calipers, I'm going in!
  9. Yup I said I was chunky, something that I hope to make a massive impact on by starting boxing, starting Rugby League, having 2 Rugby Union seasons (here and SA) and running and training under my own (considerable) weight every other day for the next year (and longer hopefully after getting a routine in place which I can stick with long term). The sleeping bag is still however needed for 2 weeks time and unfortunately I doubt I can do much to change my size by then.

    I have managed to fit (just about) into large (not sure of exact sizing, was just told it was a "large one " by my cadet instructor) issue sleeping bags before, how do these compare to other bags you can buy?
  10. I'll bet none of the adult instructors try to play with your little soldier.
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  12. Big show check your PMs
  13. Have done BW. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Here you are Pal,

    Try these, they're online.

    They've got a decent selection of "maggots"
  15. If you're that well insulated do you even need a sleeping bag? :D