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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 2lives, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. I'm quite new to this site.

    I've been shopping around for a sleeping bag and the Snugpak Elite series looks a decent bit of kit - but I think there are 5 different types!

    Is the Elite 5 too Gucci?

    Can anyone recommend a sleeping bag that would be effective for exercises etc. year-round. Space-saving also a factor.

    Any useful info appreciated.
  2. Erm for warmth an practicality defo sungpak, ive got he sleeper LITE and for me its the dogs .....only downside is the size , the elite seems good mate ....aslong as you got the money
  3. Snugpak are very good bags, have used one of their medium weight bags (The Merlin I think) for a few years now,packs up to a good small size.
    Only critisism of this bag is that the lower end of the stated temp range is very optimistic.
  4. A five season bag is probably overdoing it. Sure, it will be great in the Cairngorms in January, but most of the time you'll just be lugging around a lot of unnecessary weight and bulk.
    Go for a three season bag, and if its really cold, you can improve its performance by using a liner or wearing your fleece when gonking.
  5. Thank you chaps.

    The Elite 5 looks really good, but falls down for it's weight and packed volume.

    I think for that reason I shall follow your advice about going for a 3-season bag.
  6. Gear zone has tthem on sale at the moment reduced from £105 to £77 but they were selling them for £65 eariler in the year :1:
  7. Devil

    That's a good call mate.
  8. No Probs 2lives,
    Snugpak on the whole make excellent equipment, and in addition there Softie range of insulated tops are the best on the market. You do have to shell out top dollar but worth it. You know it will last the riggers of being beasted on exercise etc.