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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by detmold_padbrat, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Dearest Arrsers.

    I remember as a kid having a large smelly green sack stuffed full of feathers with a black arrow mark and 1963 stamped onto a label by the hood (if I remember correctly) .. this my dad supplied to me on extended loan. I now want to buy one in a hurry. I read Ravers review on the snugpak tactical 3 ... so I may have to buy one of these and carry a load of blankets in addition, weight is not an issue nor is the wet as I will be sleeping in an historic building and getting there by vehicle.

    does anyone have any tips on sleeping bags ? if I cant buy an old one what new one to get ? theres loads of them, dont really want to go chinese either.Help appreciated. This last summer I went running regularly and so a lot of my natural insulation is gone...
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    Chances are that your Dad was 'kind' enough to let you have a buckshee 58 pattern sleeping bag. They were ok but the feathers went awol after a while and they were rubbish in the wet.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the Snugpak Softie range. They come in different variants depending on how much warmth you want and, as long as you stay away from the Elite, are made in the UK. The numbering system is a bit confusing; 3 is ultra lightweight and only suitable for warm climates and the 15 is a massive beast that will keep you warm in Antartica, or central UK at the moment!

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  3. 58 Pattern doss bag! When it comes to military sleeping bags, newer is most definitely better. I'd forget the 58 pattern, especially if you ever got my old one. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!
  4. Issue is best cos its free and huge, civvy bags are great but not free and usually not wide enough for me across the shoulders.
  5. My issue bag didn't keep me warm on Salisbury Plain last year, so I'd look at getting a fancy civvy one. If you can fit in it that is.
  6. A Softie 12 will see you right anywhere in Europe - but if you feel the cold easily sleep in Helly Hansen thermals and some wool socks too. A Thinsulate beanie is always good too for when your head pops free of the hood - can also be folded down to cover your eyes if you're sharing a room with an early-riser who inconsiderately turns the light on (likely to be an LE needing their early morning wee).
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  7. Thanks for these replies.They are a great help. Yes, I googled that 58 pattern bag, its the 1 dad gave me.. I still remember the odd feather stalk jabbing me.Its no wonder fetishes develop.
    Looking at the snugpak 12.. I have the same concerns raised by Polar it does look quite narrow across the shoulder, I would buy from This Tribe, who stock them, but I really want to have a fitting before I spend. Im 6'3 and 19.4 stone and I need it to fit me.Does anybody have info as to the size of this model ?

    Mr Co-ops, the only thing I get issued with by the government is a tax bill by those nice people at The Revenue !!
  8. [​IMG]

    Good for sleep walking , combat version on the right.
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  9. Schaden

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  10. "Does anybody have info as to the size of this model ?"

    a. Go here Snugpak Stockists
    b. Find one near you
    c. Go and try one on.
  11. What's wrong with a Great coat and two grey blankets?
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  12. If you can get hold of the newer issue US Army sleeping system. Comes with 3 layers of a temp black main bag, thinner green summer bag and a cam goretex outer. All with zips that interlock so you can choose what goes with what. I managed to "acquire" one in Afghan and never looked back since. Yes it is a bit bulky but id say thats the only negative. Ive seen some on Ebay but not often.

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  13. All Snugpac bags can be "widened" with the addition of an expansion panel. Some bags have a specific panel, the lighter weight ones use the same one.

    Also remember Snugpaks also come in "civvie" colours too if you are not desperate for an olive one.

    I use a Snugpak Softie Merlin 3 for summer use and an issue Arctic bag in anything but Summer (I live in the highlands). The issue Arctic bag is spot on and with the addition of a bivi bag I have slept under a basha in -15 without issue.

    Again, if not interested in a "Military" bag, have a look at Rab bags. Superb.

    If you are on a bit of a budget, the Carp fishing world has a huge selection of bags of all sorts of sizes, from cheap and cheerful to top spec systems with expander panels, thermal liners/covers and all sorts. Most come with crash zips too. Look at items by Aquaproducts, Trakker, Nash, Wychwood and so on.