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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by baobabsammy, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. I was issued a sleeping bag when I deployed (TA) April-July to Herrick - I imagine the usually thinnish green sleeping bag that everyone gets issued.

    Anyone got an idea what 'season' sleeping bag it is? How low temps will it keep me warm down to?

    I'm trying to decide if I can take this bag with me on another civvie expedition trip, or whether I'll have to buy a new sleeping bag.

  2. I used my issue jungle bag with a snugpac linner (black microfibre one) out to late oct on herrick and it was starting to get uncomfortably cold! - we weren't in just under a basha. it was probably around -1 to + 1 at night.

    if that is any help.
  3. I believe the issue bag for Herrick is, or is much similar to, the Softie 3.

    It says comfort at 5, max out at 0, but that's bull, unless you're wearing a softie inside it.

    I wouldn't use it in the UK at the moment.. in short.
  4. Sorry piggybacking. I'm also looking for a new sleeping bag for Autumn/ Winter use. I'm interested in the Nanok Endurance -10. Anyone got any ideas on it.
  5. Should have piggy backed a more widely read thread matey.
  6. I'll hijack it again and bump it at the same time...

    Anyone used the US modular sleep system (the one with a black bag, a green bag and the bivvy bag which all zips together)?
  7. Since they started Issuing it in the 90's. Had the Brown Goretex bag in the 10th Mountain back in the 80's, this is a vast improvement.

    It's a little bulky even cinched down in the stuff sack, but sleep like the dead when I use the Black Mamba (Like being snakebit, crawl in and your dead out).

    Newer versions come in the ACU pattern and the two bags are the same "Foliage Green" color. I had 3 of them at one time as every deployment we got handed a new one, and the Supply Sgt always had his clothing records hit :wink:
  8. I've got one and they are the muts nutts. I like the way that you can zip the bivvy bag ad sleeping bags open in a onner as I am ridiculously sized to share a basha and get out of bivvy bag, gonk bag etc. Always do ponder that I wouldn't maybe as happy with using that in a trench cum swimming pool.

    Also having a 54" chest I find it a bit easier to get in and out of than the issue one, however that is the green bag which is cut roomier than the black one - new green inner. I've never used the black (inner) or combined them.

    Warmth wise I have only just used the green inner but there again I always used to wrap my self in a poncho with a thermoflect blanket. Will hopefully try it out again shortly and let you know.
  9. The yank system is awesome and now have had mine for a few yrs and swear by it.

    as for the new Brit lightweight - good little light bag - only really anygood in the Afghan summer - I just use mine in my daysack for travelling/flying.