sleeping bag, smock, gucci kit.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mbwest, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. guys girls,

    Little help please.

    Went out for a small sleeping bag the other week to replace the army issue lump. All I could find were sleeping bags with reflective writing on the side- guessing this probably wont be great for tactical situations.
    Anybody got any reccomendations for a good bag? also are they that much better than issue?

    Also went to Germany recently and it was sweltering out there. My Smock was seriously WET all week 24/7 with sweat. I was advised to get a para/sas smock. Are they worth it? What are they like when it's rainy? I was told they are better as they dry quicker! Best place to buy one??

    Also what about any other gucci kit? What would you reccomend was going to spend about £25 the other day on a burner to replace hexi but it takes up more space and i didnt really see that much of a benifit. Rollmat? self-inflating ones?
    A Butler, possibly?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. For sleeping bag look at Softie range: 7 or 9 should do it (usually called kestrel, harrier and other similar names) - up to about £100 but around 1/2 the size of issue

    They're olive green without any silly writing
  3. The MSR pocket rocket is hard to beat gas stove wise; its small and compact and will cook a boil-in-the-bag in a few minutes.

    Many people make the valid point that gas doesn't come up through the CQMS, which is a fair point. My personal solution is to use gas for conveinences sake, and fall back on hexi when necessary. Others use 'multifuel' type stoves, which will burn petrol, diesel, avgas, etc. etc. for which you can scavange fuel.

    Bear in mind you will often still be expected to use hexi when on courses etc. anyway.
  4. SAS smock dries quicker as its light. Good bit of kit just hasnt got the good zip pockets. New ones £80 ish (ouch) second hand ones from one of the blokes whos skint/leaving or there's loads on ebay.
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Ebay usually has a number of Arctic smocks on offer - price depends on bidding - and garrison tailors can put in zip pockets for you (for a few quid).

    Ref doss bags, I recommend a Softie 10 - excellent bit of kit.
  6. Sleeping bag - Softie Special Forces Range.

    Apart from the bone name it is 2 sleeping bags in 1.
    A center zip with cordura foot softie 3 for warm/summer use and then a center zip cordura foot sotie 10 for colder winter use.
    And the you combine the pair with a handy little baffle zip which is provided to make a softie 13 for those fekking cold nights in Brecon, or the Galloway Forest!

    Smock, the SAS windproof is a good bit of kit, the Artic windproof is the same but with a wire hood and rank slide.

    I went for a petrol/naptha cooker because when it is cold gas is crap.
  7. Got my softie 9 from here
    great bit of kit :D
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Softies are fine, but the lighter ones are no better than the issue jungle bag which you can get from surplus shops for around £25. My own view is that the SAS smock is no better than the issue CS95 smock, though undeniably more 'Ally'. SAS smocks became popular because the old combat jackets were such sh1te. Again, the issue roll mat is good, but very big: a thermarest will pack much smaller.
  9. To throw a spanner in the sleeping bag works, I've got to go for the old buffalo bag, great even if you get it wet and full of crap on Ex. I know it's a bit bulkier than the softies but still not as bad as the issue ones.
  10. Try these web links matey for a maggot...

    For a self inflating Rollmat check out this web site..
  11. I've a Merlin 3 , I sewed it in a couple of places to stop the lining from moving around , packs very small and lightweight

    Here is a link to Kifaru's new sleeping system in the USA, Kifaru make good stuff and are good guys , costs the earth though
    Photos and talk about Kifaru's new sleep system

    Also their is Wiggy also from the USA,I've one of his bags bulky but warm ,also the Guy has a Big bone to pick with softie ,read his newsletter and you will see what I mean
    Here's the site Wiggy's Sleeping bags

    And last but not least a Fiberpile Prototype sleeping bag I made this year
    Very bulky
    Smamit's Prototype Fiberpile sleeping bag

    Thats all folks
  12. I swear by my softie 10 in winter and swear at in summer ( a bit too warm!) prior to the softie i had a well used mountain equipment firebird that was good too!, the other bit of kit i have recently purchased is a jetboil cooker fantastic bit of kit.

    Years ago when I considered joining the TA a well known equipment shop`s (initials F&T ) sales mong tried to persuade me to buy the antartic 2 by snugpak, check it out its for sub zero temperatures, and certainly not for anything much above zero.
  13. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Further to my earlier comments, I've used the Snugpak Antartica - when it's cold, it's very good (I was the envy of many other people in Sennybridge at that time of year).

    However, it is very pricey and very much a winter-only doss bag.
  14. Don't worry to much about the colour of your sleeping bag. Mine is mainly black, but looks very DPM when it's in my Bivi-Bag.

    T C
  15. MSR PR is the dogs danglies .....second that