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Sleeping Bag Recommendations


Supadry and Canada Goose discovering a lucrative market for clothing that looks technical but will only ever be worn in town, then North Face and the rest rushing to cash in on the trend.

“Built for urban winters” indeed.
Yeah it seems to be the civvy version of Tacticool.

I wonder if there's a proper outdoorsman's version of Allyness? Although to be fair, I canoe, sail, cycle and have the (very) occasional day of shooting or fishing. There seem to be an awful lot of Harry Enfields out there....."You don't want to do it like that, you want to do it like this"


I like their trainers and, given how my feet tend to destroy shoes, if a 20 quid pair last me a year that's fine.
Have you thought about getting a pair that fit? Or doing something about your nails?


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Get the electrically heated sleeping bag from "the range" what can possibly go wrong?
I buy these boots, they only last a year of everyday use at work but I just order another pair swop the insoles over bin the old pair and carry on jogging, no breaking in at all needed, comfy as slippers.



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