Sleeping bag liners....

Yes or no?

I've had a cotton one and apart from keeping the bag "freasher" not really noticed the temp difference?

I know they say that the silk ones are better, anyone share experience?
When I was in ,they were used to stop you doss bag getting minging, when you had to sleep with you boots on.
We had nice nylon ones, that you could wash and dry in the field.
That was a downside, or not. depends what you are into.
Could be a problem if you had to get out of the old magot PDQ.


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I've got one I've had for years - it's some sort of brushed/soft material, a bit like 'Damart' stuff - and it makes a staggering difference to the bag. It mus add another 5 degrees or so, really quite excellent and well worth it - also handy for flights, etc. Washes easily too.


In my opinion - no. I don't like them. I feel like a fajita enough without the need of another layer.

Just use a wanksock like everyone else.
Got a silk ne and a fleace one my frau made. Good for tailoring the sleep you need. ie in silk liner for coolth, or every hing for warmth.
Some places stipulate them, like the youth hostelling organisation. Cheapies can be got from tesco or ebay and if the colour doesn't suit you can dye them. I've made a couple up before from old bed sheets just as an expediency. As a hygene measure they are useful because they are easier to change or wash than sleeping bags are. If your bag doesn't hold a liner very well, then it's no big deal to stich in some loops that you can tie tapes to, to stop it moving and tangling you up. It's said that silk is a more hygenic fabric than cotton, but it's just a personal choice really.
issued one has sat at the bottom ob my bag for years. Trusty blue silk has lasted since 2003 handy for hot nights.

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