Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by boredofmyjob, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. i am a fairly bad sleeper, i dont have insomnia or anything like that, i just tend to have patchy nights and wake up a lot, consequently getting about 5hrs sleep in an 8hr night for example and generally feeling crap every morning.It doesnt stop me physically but its a tad depressing. Has anyone else got this kind of problem or do y'all put your head down and wake up feeling ace 8 hrs later?

    EDIT- the reason i posted this is im starting phase 1 real soon and im just worried its gonna make it harder! im hoping the army regime will make me so knackered i just go out for 10 at night.
  2. A good 6 mile run at lunch time followed by a half hour in the gym usually makes me feel ready for bed during the week, at the weekends 2 bottles of Old Peculiar and a wine or two usually does the trick!!
  3. Try the usual culprits.

    Don't eat late.
    Exercise during the day.
    Are you stressed - If so why?
    Is your bed sh1t? Seems like an obvious "maybe" point.

    If it makes you feel any better I'm a 3 time winner of the International Armed Forces Golden Blanket Award.
  4. aye its not going to sleep thats the problem its staying that way!
  5. Don't eat late. - never do
    Exercise during the day. - check
    Are you stressed - If so why? - proberbly for many reason
    Is your bed sh1t? Seems like an obvious "maybe" point. - nah i get the same rather crappy sleep on my bed, on the floor, in somebodies car etc.
  6. Don't know if this will work but you could give it a try .

    A good way to get back to normal is to make sure that you wake up quite early, at the same time every morning. It doesn't matter how late you fell asleep the night before. Use an alarm clock to help you. Make sure that you don't go to bed again before about 10 pm that night. If you do this for a few nights, you should soon start to fall asleep naturally at the right time.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I sleep tremendously well! :D
  9. Crack one off, works for me. :p
  10. Most times I feel shit in the morning, even after nearly 8 hours of sleep. Its just something I accept now, I obiviously not an AM person.
  11. There is something you could try - but not sure if you can get it in the UK at the moment. You can buy it on line - as I do for my son.

    What you need is Melatonin. It's all natural, it's a tablet and is actually something that we get from milk. It's just that at times, we don't seem to produce enough of it to either a)fall asleep or b) stay asleep!

    This just boosts the supply your body already has within it.
    That's why babies fall asleep on a bottle of milk - it's the melatonin within it, adding to the levels they already have inside them. As an adult though - just increasing your milk intake isn't enough to make any difference.

    My son can fal asleep for an hour and then wake up thinking that's all he needs. ( he's 10 yrs old ) He takes this now and sleeps through the night. Best thing any Doc has ever told us to try.

    Pm me if you want to know where to get it from.
  12. You can't get it in the UK, when I tried it I had to order it from the US.

    Its present in warm/hot milk (well, thats where the highest concentrations are anyway).

    Melatonin doesn't work for some people though (although I have seen it researched in helping people reset their body clocks from long haul flights)

    I've tried 6 mg before where the usual recommended dose is 3mg and it hasn't worked (I know you can go higher, say 10mg, but never wanted to risk it- I know its not a drug per say but still).
    The real bugger is you can make yourself stay awake if you want, so you can take some, feel sleepy but if you don't want to sleep the effect wear off.
  13. Well - as you say - some things work for some and not for others. Your experience shouldn't put people off trying it though. We tried everything in the book - and this is the only thing that works in our situation.
    This person isn't an insomniac (so they say) .... so if it works for my Son who IS .... then it's worth anyone else trying it.

    You should have tried the 10mg - you can't overdose on something that's a natural substance. It's not like a sleeping tablet - and you have a fear of not waking up from it. You can snap yourself out of Melatonin like the flick of a light. Infact - that's probably what you ARE doing - and that's why it hasn't worked. It's no good laying there waiting for something to happen or wondering whether you will feel perculiar in a minute. It doesn't work like that.
    It should also be taken 30 mins - 1 hr before bed time.

    I didn't think you could get it in the UK - unless you get it prescribed privately - but that's just a waste of money. Melatonin is so cheap to buy - even getting it sent from California. Fast too.
  14. stop mucking about sink 8 pints that will put you in a coma till morning, granted you will still feel like poo when you wake up and probably beside a fat munter but all good training.
  15. A lot of people cant sleep because they are dehydrated and dont realise. You should sweat 1 1/2 pints a night which may be the cause of you waking up. Try sinking a few litres of cold water early in the evening then go to bed when you think you have pissed it out.