Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I'd like to ask you if it's possible to adjust to having much less sleep then you've been used to in civvy life?

    I usually get about 9 hours sleep a night, yet at RMAS I'm not exactly going to be woken up at 1100 with breakfast in bed :p

    Is it possible to adapt to getting 6 hours a night if I start cutting down now gradually?

    Or am I going to feel sleep deprived no matter what, and should just enjoy getting enough sleep while I can?

    I just want to be as alert and comfortable as possible while I'm there. I'll get more out of the CC if I am.

    Many thanks,

  2. yeah definitely

    before i joined the army i never used to get up til gone 12 in the afternoon

    what you'll find though, is that your that tired your bedtime will get a lot earlier... very rarely we'd be up and about after 10pm

    we used to sack scoff in the morning aswell for an extra half hours kip lol
  3. Dont try and cut down now just try and get more phys in the fitter you are the less sleep you need and in sandhurst you will be getting very fit very quickly.
  4. :roll:

    You'll be fine.......

    "each hour before midnight is worth two after..."
  5. Whatever you do, don't start missing out on meals to gain extra time in bed!
    You'll need all the energy you can muster. 3 meals a day will sort you out calories-wise. Start missing out, then you'll start to use up energy reserves, then probably start feeling more tired, etc,etc. For 30 mins extra in bed, it's not worth it.
    Just face the fact that everyone will be in the same boat.
  6. I've yet to see a colonel or above whose baggy eyes don't suggest that they need an extra couple of hours sleep each night.

    Or perhaps it's just indicative of hard partying? :)
  7. I would certainly agree that the fitter you get the less you will find yourself sleeping, to begin it was tough, but now that I would say I'm really fit I can easily get by on 5 hours per day
  8. You'll eventually get to the stage (and you'll need to) where you can still function well for 48 hours with little or no sleep.

    I fully agree with the point about not missing meals. The Cheffy types get loads of stick but the daily menu is designed to give you the energy you will be needing.

    Breakfast like a king
    lunch like a prince
    dinner like a pauper

    In other words eat your meals to fuel the day.
    Good luck at sandbags (I used to work there)
  9. Crash..The moment you walk into RMAS your sleep pattern will change. There are "nice" people who will help you wake up at the required time!!! :( As for missing a meal to get extra chance..It is a requirement that you "attend"all meals.
  10. To succeed in any field other than perhaps the music industry, you will have to make do with far less than nine hours sleep a night, thats pure self indulgence.
    Personally, I have managed on an average of five hours sleep a night since before you were born. In twenty years thats the equivalent of enough time to complete a three year full-time degree course, all whilst you slept.
    You snooze, you lose!
  11. Ive always found sleep isnt always vital however the ability to sleep anywhere eg back of bedford is.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Basically a fcukwit question. Once you start training, you will not be getting 9 hours sleep per night. If you can't hack it, you will not pass go, and you will not collect £200.

    If you want to accustom yourself to this kind of regime set your alarm for 5.00am and make sure that you are out of the door for a gentle jog before 6 - and I mean a gentle jog. If you are used to this regime before you start training, God will smile upon you.
  13. Especially if you run in Spandex
  14. OK, fair enough. It was a dumb question rereading it. Apologies.

    I'll bloody hack it though. I don't care if I have to live on intravenous Red Bull.
  15. You will have to have alot of money then, red bull is expensive :p

    But seriously you will get used to it there, just be prepared to sleep anywhere as you will be able to catch up on sleep then. You will be too occupied to feel tired anyway.

    Good Luck