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Sleep with a Soldier Facebook site...

Apologies if this has been done already, but couldn't find it in the search function.

Fcuk a Squaddie

Some info from the site:

"This group is designed to help boost soldiers morale!!!!!
if you love a man in uniform this is the group for you!!!!...
i got this idea from a few friends and we tought it would be fun....

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We are a sucker for a uniform........sleep with a soldier..take part in helping a soldier fight the war..if he aint horny he aint distracted so sleep with him...our boys deserve a good morale boost and i hope this helps!!!!!

Now, with over 2000 members, does this group need a boost?
Are they all dirty slaaags that need some sausage, are civvies just not upto the required task?

Anyone want to give it a go, and report back? Go on, you know you want too..........
Ive spent some time going through the photo's for research purposes.
There are some good looking wimmin on there, but I reckon the chance of actually dumping your seed in them is slim to none. Bunch of attention seeking hooers :D

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