Sleep patterns

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MikeL, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. How the hell do i get out of this pattern of not sleeping until god knows what hour in the morning. I tried today, was up, been tired all day. went to the pit at about half 9 hoping to get some decent shut eye so i could do myself some justice in the gym tomorrow... and im up again 2 hours later.

    Anyone know how to fix sleep patterns so im not like a friggin badger?
  2. A bottle of Smirnoff Blue seems to do the trick
  3. Stay awake for the whole night, then go to work the next day (assuming that wont lead to negligence on your part). If you're not tired by the next night then try it for another day.

    Continue this until your sleeping pattern is resolved or you die.
  4. Have you never heard that squaddies sleep and eat when they can?

    I could be really cruel here, but I am not going to be.

    Editted to add: That is truly a horrible photo Rowums.
  5. There is nothing awful about Dr Lucien Sanchez Dale.

    What would you prefer, Noel Edmunds in skin tight leather jeans, slightly too stripy shirt and a love heart drawn on his hand?
  6. You know me too well. (slug is off to dribble).

    I do not find Deal or No Deal compulsive. No sireeee.
  7. Well what with me now living in digs paid for by your taxes I've had to stop watching it.

    It's ok though, I make up for it in other ways. A model of Noel created from discarded condom foils does the job nicely.
  8. If you're not getting enough sleep (e.g. 6 hours or 8 hours or whatever is normal for you) or if you are on any prescription drugs it might be best to see the doc sooner rather than later.

    If you do get enough sleep, but at odd times have you tried the following:-

    1 Milky drink at bed time (e.g. chocolate, horlicks, pint of creme de menthe)
    2 No major mental stimulation (e.g. internet, computer games) before bed.
    3 Keep to a strict routine (eg. bed by midnight up by 0700) every day including weekends/holidays.
    4 No food for a couple of hours before bed
    5 Read for a little while after getting in to bed (NATO's warship tactical maneuvering guide used to put me right to sleep)
    6 If possible, make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet and well ventilated.

    I found the above helps when I have had sleeping problems. If it doesn't work for you see the doc. He can give you a short course of sleeping tablets. They're no use for long term problems (> 6 weeks) as they become addictive and stop working but they can be very effective for getting sleep back in to a normal rythm.
  9. cheers for the advice. Im gonna go stare at my ceiling and whack the alarm on for stupid o'clock tomorrow :) Im not working tomorrow so there will be no problem on me being shattered. It is me sleeping dodgy hours as this week I havent been getting up til around 11 (no work, no reason to get out of bed, gym open afternoons so im not missing anything).

    And yeah Dale, Ive heard that squaddies eat and sleep when they can, I've done a bit of that routine myself... but right now im not a squaddie... and civiworld sleeps when its dark :) lol

    again cheers :)
  10. You have my empathy. If you aren't physically knackered at bedtime then your brain invents its own games. You have to learn to beat it.
  11. You may not ever be able to fix it Mike, but you'll learn to cope.
    For the last quarter of a century, I've only been getting a few hours kip a night, the answer is to take a nap when you get the chance.
    Try and find an extra hour in your daily schedule, where you can crash for 30 minutes, freshen up, grab some scoff and carry on.
    You probably have a biorythmical low point, mines between 1800 - 2000, thats when you'll find me crashed out, in my car, in the far corner of some motorway services or supermarket car park.
  12. The Ancient_Mariner is right. The body, like dogs and men, responds well to routine.

    You need to start developing one you can easily re-enact each night, as not only will it become a 'learned' behaviour which will prepare you body for actually going to sleep. It will also condition your mind to think sleep is coming, making it easier to shut itself down and get some kip. Think of it like a cruder version of Pavlov's dogs but with horlicks and duvets... :-D

    Keep the routine simple, bath, drink, bed or fiddling with yourself, reading, bed etc etc but always keep it to the same time frame-ish. The biggest impact on sleep patterns isn't the time you go to bed it's the time you wake up. Try and keep your 'waking up time' the same time or at least within 30mins to an hour every day, if you are uber tired you should bring forward your 'bed time' or nap a la Mr. Sandman. (BTW Sandy sleeping after 6pm means less REM sleep later on in the night....)

    Hmmm guess who specialised in circadian rhythms!! Sorry for being a bit of a geek :oops:
  13. Thanks petal, but I dont see how sharing a bed with notorious snapper Michael Stipe would be conducive to a good nights kip. Is it possible to sleep with one eye open? :lol:
  14. If you're having difficulty getting off to sleep, try giving yourself a tug, and before you know it you'll wake up with your hand round your c0ck, and with the sheet stuck to your stomach.

    Otherwise, try missing a night's sleep as DR says.
  15. Or Michael Stipe could help you out...... (see above)