sleep deprivation

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by christheclimber, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. right then, lack of sleep on exercise. final exercise for a sapper is essential combat engineering during the day, and trench digging at night. wonderfully broken up by stag in said trenches.

    getting little sleep (except those who fall asleep as lead man on a mine breach....) combined with some pretty tough phys. (im sure anyone who has dug constantly for 12 hours will tell you its pretty tiring, not to mention tabbing around like a maniac with glorious bits of kit such as the mine detector attached to your bergan by little more then your spare boot laces and a hope and a prayer) leads to you being all round quite knackered.

    obviously some people cope better with this then others. for example, i personally resemble a freshly dug corpse, but actually dont feel too bad considering. others need to be reminded of their name by mile 4 of the insertion march, and a few feel the need to sleep only when england wins the world cup.

    now, drinking your bodyweight of coffee and pro plus aside, is this kind of sleep deprivation something you can get better at?

    for example, if somebody limited sleep, would they be less affected by a sever lack of sleep, or is it something you're born with and theres little you can do but grizz it?
  2. The older the better I've found.

    It comes with age and the requirement to have more p1sses throughout the night :D
  3. Depends how much you kill your body for how long. It can adapt if you teach it too, to just 2 hours sleep a night. But you really have to be kicking the shit out of yourself every night for quite a while, but it can have an undesired effect on the way it works (Eating, Muscles, Bones and to how youu think). Not sure if that was totally irrelevant to your question or what. :roll:
  4. ZMA (Zinc/Magnesium compouind) i'm told is good for deep sleep. So if you actually get to sleep you may gain some benefit from it.'l either be carved out of stone soon enough.....or.....have a fit.
  5. I like it when the hallucinations start.