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Sleep Deprivation........... Yay! Goody.

As im still awake at 5 am and i really cant get to sleep i start to wounder back to my sleep deprivation exercises (I tried not too!!! :x ) . Of course no fun whatsoever but looking back to the hallucinations and the i swear to god im putting my termination in when i get out of this trench and back to camp I find them quite funny! But on the third day of digging trenches and your mind starts to play tricks on you. Such as - the sides of the trench suddenly start turning into tumble dryers and stereos? Yeah even a washamachine. Platoon commander had to give a swift kick to the back of the head to stop me groping the sides of the trench! I was at it for half an hour apparently. :roll: My mucker had the best one though He thought he saw a dog chasing after a half green half purple garden knome in the middle of salisburyplain!! And after he came of stag he gets his brew kit out and proceeds to make hot choclate for the lads. Lovely We thought...... intil we tasted it and it turned out he did'nt have any coco so he supplemented with mud. :D Good times looking back. So anyone got ant sleep dep storys they would care to share? Please id be interested to hearing other squaddies/ex and civy experiences. :D I could do with a giggle.
Well, I'm not a squaddie but I've not slept for coming up on 31 hours now. Frankly I'm shagged but can't seem to settle. I've just had an interesting hour 1am-2am, looking out of the bedroom window and wondering if the stars were in fact moving. I thought maybe they were little green men and was all ready for making myself a little tin-foil hat.

*Edited to add, I did once spend a sleep-deprived two weeks in hospital, and was convinced my ex had brought a shotgun to kill me when in fact it was a ham and cheese baguette
*Retreats back into the corner*

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