Sleep Apnoea

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by JippiJ, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Im thinking of signing up but have sleep apnoea. Has anyone any idea if this will be a reason to reject?
  2. My Dads got that, and he served for 25 years. I'd check with your AFCO or doctor though
  3. I am not a medic but i have a colleague who suffers with sleep apnea and has a breathing machine every time he goes to bed or is likely to nod off. I don't think its conducive to a life in the forces if you have a similar treatment as I can think of a hundred situations where you couldn't use your breathing machine.
    I may be wrong and this is after all the internet full of worthless information. Phone your nearest ACIO and find out.
  4. We can't have you giving out advice like that willy-nilly. Anyway, from the title of the forum it looks as if the OP wants to join the TA. Join away, chum. Just bear in mind that your colleagues might not appreciate being kept awake all night.
  5. All depends when he developed it though.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I saw a specialist a while back as i thought i had apnoa, but it turns out that i just snore like an absolute bastard (I do, i have heard recordings, and apparently it is legendary in my battalion - potentially there goes what persec i have left!).
    As for TA, i dont think it will stop you, but as others say, putting a mask on to sleep is not always helpful in the military life, and will probably scare the bejesus out of anyone who comes to wake you up for your turn on stag!

    I am having an op in a weeks time, cant spell it, but if you google UPPP, thats it. Helps snoring apparently, might help with apnoa.
  7. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I had this for many years . Can I deduce that you are a largish chap / chapess ? with a collar size exceeding 17 1/2.
    This is the most common cause of the Aeneas, so loose weight and all should be well if you under 40 years of age and your soft palate has not dropped.

    Ok lets say you are a slim 17 year old with a neck size of 12.1/2. Has your quack looked up your hooter to see if your nasal passages are kinked , narrow or god forbid blocked. If they are you can get them reamed out on the nhs and all will be well.

    I had the biggles mask for a few years, complete with water tank and obas oil. it didint work coz I was drinking ....

    So i Had the following done under my firms health cover cost me £ 30 in the end . these were all done at the same time .
    1 Tonsils removed , as they were very large . just like me .
    2. my right nostril was reamed out because it was kinked .
    3 the dangley thing in the back of my through was cut out . because it was sometimes blocking the airflow from my nose , I can now eat porrage and blow it out my nose like a whale !!

    Then I gave up drink, cause it was killing me and now me and the wife both get a good nights sleep. I assume that you HAVE seen the quack coz you know you got sleep apnoea. get them to tell you your options . Just to top this all off my younger brother a mere 56 has been given the biggles C-PAP machine this month as well.
    Hope this helps .
  8. What about spaghetti?

    Serious answer - I used to snore like a Stuka; useful for getting a private room in a public hospital ward, but not much chop otherwise. I lost 30kg last year and haven't snored since. TA or not you NEED to get this sorted, as it can put a huge strain on your system.

    I know of a snorer (also badly overweight) who spent the night under observation in a 'sleep lab'. He was wired up to machines which recorded various vital signs overnight. His breathing would stop for up to 40 seconds(!) and the strain was calculated as being the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest something like 14 times per night.

    Again, he's lost bulk weight, no longer snores, wakes up refreshed for the first time in his life, etc., etc. I would put the TA a distant second to this, frankly.
  9. I'm assuming that you have been tested? It turned out that Mrs Bonzo had S.A for years and that this accounted for her always being tired.
    You do have to inform the DVLA and they may revoke your driving licence until such time that your Doctor says that it is OK for you to drive again: Mrs B. lost her licence for 2 months.
    Mrs B. now goes to bed every night wearing a mask that makes her look like a WW2 fighter pilot :) but now is getting a proper night's sleep for years.
  10. Hey all,

    Thank for the responses. To give you a better insight I'll try an explain the history of it.

    I was diagnoosed about 2.5 years ago and put on a cpap machine. I was 25 at the time. I had a bmi of 29 which is getting close to chubby get.
    Since then i've dropped in bmi to 23, had my turbinates (nose) lazered to clear the airway. Im scheduled for the smaller uppp in 2 weeks time to sort my snoring. Then with a bit of luck and the use of a mandibular advancement device (gum shield) i should be off the machine for good.

    Hope to god it wont be an issue but im going to hold off applying in the hope that i get the "all clear".

    As far as the dvla are concerned, i dropped a bollock there and didnt realise i had to tell them until i was receiving treatment. The upshot was i did have to hand my licence back at all. The down side - a grumpy ass cpap nurse moaning at me.

    Again thanks for the help guys. Ill keep you's posted as i go through the process.
  11. That's a lot of bother for something I've never heard myself do.
  12. Goodish news maybe...

    Just spoke to my local army careers advice office who say that it wil be down to what my GP says. If he thinks it shouldn't get in the way he can mark me as fit.

    Booking appointment as we speak. Ill take some bribe money just incase ;)
  13. DVLA suspended my HGV/LGV licence but allowed me to keep my car/MC licence.

    I attended Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital for sleep studies all recorded etc and had the best night sleep ever with no problems!!! much to the amusement of the medics.

    I joined a gym and lost some weight from a round the neck which appears to solve the problem.
  14. Good luck Jippi, although it sounds like you're well on the way to resolving it (not sure about this lasering/reaming business though, it sounds a bit painful!:))