Sledgehammer gang's daring daylight jewellery raid foiled by 50 angry shoppers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Well done people!:

    Sledgehammer gang's daring daylight jewellery raid foiled by 50 angry shoppers | Mail Online

    A daylight jewellery store raid was foiled yesterday when members of the public wrestled a masked robber to the ground.

    Five sledgehammer-wielding thieves arrived on motorbikes and smashed their way into the shop on a busy London street, grabbing armfuls of watches from the front window.

    But as they made their getaway, passers-by pulled one from his bike and pinned him down until police arrived.
    Got him: The robber is pinned down by the crowd after smashing into the jewellery store in central London
    Daylight robbery: A gang armed with sledgehammers smashed the windows of the Ernest Jones jewellery store in High Street Kensington before grabbing armfuls of watches worth around £400,000
    The four remaining robbers, who wore dark clothing and balaclavas, fled the scene and tried to hide in a nearby park, but three were caught.
    Among the heroes outside the Ernest Jones jewellery store in High Street Kensington was Charlie Masud Riyahi, 51, who wrestles as a hobby.

    ‘When one of them tried to get away a group of people surrounded him and closed his way,’ he said.
    ‘He was trying to scare us with the sledgehammer. But when he got on the motorbike, someone knocked him off.

    ‘I jumped on his back and pinned him down to the ground. It was all over in a fraction of a second.

    ‘I used to do wrestling so it was really easy. I wasn’t scared of him at all and after that other people came to help me.’
    Sam Dolling, 20, an electrician who saw the incident unfold, said: ‘It was like something from a film.
    Eye-witnesses told how a mob of more than 50 people tackled one robber as he tried to make his getaway in scenes of 'mayhem' similar to a medieval 'hue and cry' or a Hollywood film

    The gang had not reckoned with several brave members of the public who intervened to try and stop the heist
    ‘It was great how everyone went to help the guy who tackled him. He was so brave.

    ‘You don’t expect to see that nowadays. Most people would have just let them get on with it.’

    Police also seized a bag of loot, although some items are still missing and the total value of what was stolen is unknown.
    After the attack, one witness said she was almost knocked over in the street by a man running from the scene
  2. If he was stealing tatty, catchpenny junk from a branch of Ernest Jones I would tend to feel sorry for him. They could have got more money selling the motorbikes.

  3. Lets hope Charlie Masud Riyahi is rewarded well by Ernest Jones.Good stuff.

    I wonder what would of happened when they pinned one of the guys down if he had of died?
  4. 50 arrests in one day!!! the local police must be at the top of the leader board.


    Hopefully the public detained scum will be getting waterboarded for the details of his fellow scummers.
  5. They sell some nice Casio watches ;-)
  6. Hue and Cry! Love it. That's what this country needs, more vigilantism to discourage these turds who think it's alright to take what they want without consequence.
  7. The only problem was that it was initially reported in the DM. i wonder how much of their report they made up to sensationalise the story. Not that I do not trust the DM to report the truth.
  8. Quite right, preferably with some few righteous citizens carrying firearms. Oh no, plod doesn't allow that.

    Scrutiny of the CCTV and recommendation for a Binney award or similar for some to follow, I would hope.

    The Binney Award | Police Public Bravery Awards
  9. A jewelry shop round the corner from an old workplace was hit while we were sat working a few years ago. We saw the 4 lads bally up & grab an axe, sawn off & sledge & leave the getaway car running & unoccupied. One of our lads drove off in the car, the blaggers come back & were confronted by us lot wanting a go. Shotty turned out to be unloaded (civvies can even fcuk up a robbery FFS), the toerag dropped it & we all had it away on our toes chasing them down the street. Ended up cornering them & holding them until the old bill appeared.
    We all got commendations off the Lord Lt later on. Load of old cobblers that turned out to be when our names were published & the scrotes threatened each of us from prison where they were on remand. Mongs all got about 4yrs each. The ****** with the axe threatened a woman with a baby in a pram who was coming out of the jewellers.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Bear in mind that the Daily Mail's offices are less than a hundred yards away from the shop in question; you'd hope they would be able to send a reporter down there and get it right rather than doing the Mail's usual cut'n'paste off the wire services.
  11. Shhh... The Govt will think this is a good way to cut spending on the real police and empower more vigilante action.....or possibly not! As someone has already pointed out, what would happen if,shock horror, one of the villains had been hurt or had a heart attack whilst being detained by the praiseworthy crowd? All the greedy "human rights" lawyers would be baying for Mr Riyahi's blood and of course loads of compensation!
    Personally, I think the crowd did a good job and if more of this happened it might deter some scrotes, but the Police would probably warn against it as someone might get hurt, whatever next, lynching paedophiles and murderers in the street? Hmm, would cut the prison numbers and possibly save a bit more cash! :)