Sleazy Labour.

Updated: 06:41, Sunday May 21, 2006

Tony Blair has been paying the price for ignoring Government sleaze, according to the public standards watchdog.

Sir Alistair Graham, of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said Labour was regarded by most as just as sleazy as John Major's Conservative government.

Mr Blair had seen the issue as "peripheral, minor ... not worthy of serious consideration", Sir Alistair claimed.

He told Sunday papers: "I think it's a major error of judgment.

"Opinion polls (show) the public think this government is as sleazy as the last. He has paid a heavy price for ignoring standards.

"We would have preferred more positive support from the Prime Minister. We suspect he is pretty lukewarm to the work we do."

His remarks come as Scotland Yard investigated claims that peerages were awarded in return for loans or donations to Labour Party funds, or for sponsoring Mr Blair's flagship city academies.

Sir Alistair said that he was particularly troubled by the disclosure that the Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury, had secretly lent the party £2m to help fund its general election campaign.

"If a political party is relying on ministerial financial contributions that we are not immediately aware of, I think that is very damaging," he said.

Sir Alistair was also concerned about the revelations over Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's affair with his diary secretary, Tracey Temple.

"You can get a situation where a minister is subject to such ridicule and scorn that their position becomes very difficult," he said
As I have asked before would anyone care to publish the Massive Government Sleaze of John Major's administration. The team that gave Labour it's IN.
Two MPs and ?

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