SLC's and extra money for civvy courses

Apparently the powers at be are going to be offering an enhanced Standard Learning Credit of aroung £1000 per year for a maximum of 3 years!

Does anyone have any other info???

(I know the existing SLC scheme offers £175 towards most civvy courses)


Ok here goes..this is the summary of info that I have heard going round the ETS is not gospel and as ever we must wait for the DCI, but essentially if you have served 4 years then you will be elligable for £1000 a year to be taken in any 3 years (ie 3k in total) in the 10 years following the qualification point-I don't know if they have to be consecutive, and I think the figure will be 4 grand from 2007.  This means that you could get out and go to uni and have the money from the mob to ease your suffering in the classless brainless and possibly pointless world of further education that our beloved President has created
Thanks for that info flash_to_bang!

I guess you are highly sceptical of further eduactional establishments!!! I agree that there are too many people going to uni to study such esential courses such as surf studies/pottery/media studies & womans ethics(issues?) etc. etc.

However - to suggest that all establishments are brainless is a bit OTT!!!

Also - what's wrong with a classless educational environment - or are you one of those old school ya ya idiots who believe that there is still a class divide in the UK?? If you do I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee!! :mad:

Now I've got that off my chest - Does anyone else out there knows when the DCI is released.....?


I believe in the divide between the intelligent and the non-intelligent and what is the point of producing "media studies" graduates when there are no plumbers or electricians-let's stop sending people who should not be at university to uni and give them a trade
I totally agree - we need many more plumbers/electricians etc. and less media studies graduates.........

However - you still haven't answered my question:

"Also - what's wrong with a classless educational environment - or are you one of those old school ya ya idiots who believe that there is still a class divide in the UK??"


I will answer the question as put-no I am not anti Further Education and am in the process of gaining an FE teaching qual.  As for the class system, we are a meritocracy in the Army and what is that if not a class system.  Class used to be about money and breeding, then for a while was about race, the new class system is goint to be about education.  While the current generation receive such a poorly funded state education we cannot help but discriminate against the poorly educated-that is human nature.  Fortunately the company is doing its best, witness 40 new basic skills tutors and resources (ie cash) to back them up.
Begs the question: All this money to be available for courses; when will we see the Army giving us the money in advance?

Huge sums of money are all very well if you have that money saved in the first place.....  Not everyone has the financial freedom to save a great deal.  I've got my eye on a few 'expensive' courses but am rarely in the position to 'divvy-up'.  (The much maligned 'media studies' being one of them - not because it's good (it is, in fact, pretentious shíte) but because it's 'de rigeur' with the luvvies in the industry)  ;)

So, how about an advance then?  Let's face it, if you get an advance and fail the course you owe the Army money - but that's no different from paying yourself and failing!?

P.S. Still waiting for my NEBS refund.....until then my wife and I will remain on a diet of bread and water! ;D


No way you'll get the mob to cough it up front-it'd end up pissed up against the wall....sorry Eagle, try dipping the bread in the water-it softens it up
Listen Eagle old chap,

STROP: there are many ways to skin a cat. The army system is in place and is well known - so why the big surprise - it's giving you a lot more than you would get from media co ltd towards a different career - stop whining!

HELP: Try other avenues- How about a career development loan, how about a normal loan, how about Regt'l funds - most of these go untapped as assumptions are always made about who they are for.

If you try being a little creative rather than asking the army to solve all your problems for you then who knows what you might achieve - you could even get an NVQ in hospitality and customer relations (unless you've worked in my mess in which case you could get an NVQ in hostility and customer hospitalisations)

On the subject of too many kids with Degrees in Media Studies, my sister had to pay 85 quid an hour for a plumber the other day!!   No Uni for my kids, Iv'e started my 5 yr old on u bends to ensure myself a comfortable retirement!
The DCI's out, i'll have a read and let you know what the bobby is.Oh by the way the white paper said that they will give the money in advance, but only 1000pounds each time.
"Also - what's wrong with a classless educational environment - or are you one of those old school ya ya idiots who believe that there is still a class divide in the UK??"
OC_spanner: At the risk of going off topic a bit, I'll comment on some of my findings on when I was looking into which MBA I should study. One "University" in London which offers an MBA (former FE College turned Poly, turned University, merged with another poly-cum-uni) has a good distance learning and part-time structure which was more flexible than some of the better institutions like Imperial College and the LSE.

When I visited the website, the University’s mission statement had very little to say on what I consider the prime function of a University to be, namely teaching and research. It did however have a lot to say about diversity, recognising social injustice and poverty, and comments that it is the duty of the University to tackle and eradicate these issues. I then read some transcripts of the diatribes of one of the 2 joint "heads" of this institution. He goes to some considerable lengths to explain that the role of the University is to fight a class-war to eradicate the social hierarchy as it inherently prevents people from impoverished backgrounds from succeeding. He also talks about wanting to open the doors of HE to the non-typical student, including those who are not academically qualified to go to other institutions, and indeed revels at being at the bottom of the league tables as it evidences the University's commitment to breaking down the barriers of prejudice (as he calls it) and opening education to the poor, racially diverse, and those seeking asylum in this country. He also tends to rant on a lot about institutions at the higher end of the educational spectrum discriminating against the poor, and stereotypes students at these universities as entirely privately educated and wealthy. One comment he made on top-up fees equated the choice of paying or not paying fees for the parents of students in the better universities as "the difference between one or two skiing trips that year".

The reason I say this is because the institution of which I speak is entirely focussed not on education and learning, but on social engineering. It languishes at the bottom of the league tables, and having seen some of the MBA dissertations it produces in my own research, the standard is abysmally poor. I doubt if many of the students graduating from this institution with MBAs would get a decent mark in A Level Business Studies and Economics, let alone English Language.

This institution is close to bankruptcy. It is scraping the bottom of the academic barrel in an attempt to entice the under-educated into a University when they lack the academic discipline to do well. The net result is a huge drop-out rate, and thus a financial hole the university has to fill. It cynically window-dresses the desperate attempt to grab students (and their fees) as opening the doors to education and uses the diatribe of the far-left to disguise the true position of the University.

The fact is that there are too many competing universities, and too many students going to institutions such as this one claiming degrees at the end of a 4 year course, which is debasing the value of a Bachelor's degree. In years past many of these students would not have gone to University as the academic rigours would be (and indeed are) beyond them, and so syllabi and standards are inevitably diluted. If the University system is to regain any credibility it has to reduce in size and increase teaching standards. I am all in favour of open access and accepting students who do not fit the "3 good A Levels" model, but the standard has to be there none-the-less. It isn't about class, it is about standards, and to be frank, the only people a class system now benefits are those who make a living by railing against it.

Education is, by its very definition, a classless phenomenon, but that is not to say that all students have the same innate academic ability, and to attempt to homogenise university entrants is to do education a disservice.

The point I think Flash was making is a valid one. By encouraging people who should not be in universities to go in order to provide propaganda and targets, the Government has debased education as a whole, and the standard of graduand being produced does not justify the experience, nor does the system benefit from it. If the worst universities stopped focussing their attention on social engineering and student grabbing tactics, and instead focussed on teaching standards, then maybe this wouldn't be an issue. I also agree that the distinction in "class" is no longer solely about breeding or wealth, but the innate ability to learn, adapt, and succeed sufficiently to be an influencer of change and a decision taker. Some achieve this through education and fast streaming, and others through the accumulation of experience and knowledge.

Needless to say, I chose not to do my Master's degree at the aforementioned institution!


I'm not surprised by Woopert's findings.  In the 50's a commedian by the name of Tom Lehrer used the one liner (about the Army incidentally)  "no longer allowed to discriminate on the grounds of race, colour or indeed.....ability".

Still, won't it be wonderful when we all  have degrees, htey'll be totally meaningless and the only elite institutions will be those that go fully private thus excluding the very people tha government want included.  This makes my brain hurt!!
ELC will pay for 80% of any cse that is ok'ed by your local AEC, you must apply  by April 04 otherwise your have problems. You can claim up to 10years after getting out the Army.

At the moment you can use 3000pounds at 1000pounds a year.

Or wait untill 2008 when it goes up to 6000pounds in total.

But you must apply now! after April 2004 it becomes a problem.

You can do almost any cse as long as it's been ok'd by you AEC.

So apply now! and when we all have a bit more time lol then we can use them.

Good luck


The DCI is out and the forms are with units-The Unit Ed Offr (there will be SOMEONE) who is appointed UEO signs it-there is no need to send it to your local AEC (they will just send it back !)
Yep your right, but if your going to do a cse, then thats when the AEC have to ok it. But to apply as you said it the admin office who will sign it for you.

Apply now!
ive already signed up  ;D and i suggest you all do the same (money for nothing)  who knows in 10 years time you might wish you had

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