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SLC Courses and Leave


After some info from those in the know.

I'm off on a course using SLC. I've put leave in to do the course, do I need to do this, or should I not do this?

It prevents me claiming for travel/food too does it not? Is the part on the application where my boss signed to give me permition the authority I need, and not a leave pass?


If the course can be claimed as "part of your personal development" then I would not have thought you would need to put in a leave pass.

The Education Centre should be able to clarify this.
If you have signed off have you checked your Resettlement Entitlement? There may be days there you could use.


I believe it is up to your boss to decide whether you can have extra time off but I expect using leave is correct. If you are in your resettlement phase, you may have a spare travel claim you could use along with your leave time.
Ask your IERO staff this one

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