Slavery (modern) - tonight BBC2 9-10.30pm - most regions

BBC2 (most regions) are screening a 90-min. investigation into the modern slave trade, presented by Rageh Omar, at 9pm tonight. (Certain regions will get it at other times.)

This interesting-looking programme may help to put the old 18th century slave trade into perspective, and is likely to be a more profitable use of time than the current hand-wringing about our collective inherited guilt. Instead of flagellating ourselves over what happened two centuries ago, let's see how we might be able to help stop present-day slavery.
Too bloody right, Caubeen. We've not long ago heard of young women being auctioned into sexual slavery in airport cafes, yet these navel-gazing CofE types and agenda-walloping 'Afreekaahns' are more intent on handing round guilt-trips for what happened 200 years ago.

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