Slavery and Compensation.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Here's the deal:

    Fcuk off back to Africa (any country will do) and we'll cancel African debt.

    Any takers? I think not!

    Jesus H Christ, all this slavery crap on TV News, I mean, is this what the Germans put up with from us (two world wars, one world cup anyone!)!

    The English did far worse to the Scots and lets not get the Irish started on their raw deal.


  2. No. Thats because they are all in Parliament now running the country into the ground.

    Thats how they are getting their own back on England. ;)
  4. I will pay for a 1 way ticket for anyone of the malingering f*ckers!

  5. I take it you mean the Parliament types?

    If so, I'll fly them for free.
  6. A land free from the off-spring of slaves and members of parliament!

    Maybe there is a god...
  7. Just the one.
  8. I will pay compensation once the Italians have paid me for the trauma that I feel daily due to the vicious use of their legions in 55BC on these fair Isles.

    Then theres the Danes who play a big part in my PTSD, rape and pillage a millenium or so after the fact is not a laughing matter, oh the nightmares that I have had...the loss of identity and the inate feeling of being subservient to anyone with a horny hat!!......or is that anyone horny in a hat? mmmm....however, I digress.

    yes I have such mixed identity feelings over what my forefathers went through I feel personally soiled and tarnished by the seedy disgusting experience!!

    On a serious note when I first heard of this apology for slavery bullsh1te, my immediate thoughts were, "when are the compensation claims going to be filed?" mmmm cynical or what??

    edited 'cos like a mupppet i wrote century instead of millenium...doh like the vikings were here in 1907 !!
  9. Don't bother with landing at the other end: remove the doors before takeoff and see who wins the centrifugal force vs gravity battle when you bank! (Don't forget the camera!).

    Also, speaking as a Scot we don't really want them back, so if you could make a slight nav error and either drop them in the North Sea or over France it'd be appreciated!
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I can't see Egypt forking out cash to Israel for their time in captivity!
  11. This whole slavery thing is getting on my t!ts, I listened to a debate on radio 5 know that un bias BBC station...for a whole hour they trooped on black person after black person talking utter tosh, not one single white bloke got on air to disagree with the "you lot have all been nasty to me..I want some compensation" drivel they where spouting. Well I dont care what any of the apologists say its got fcuk all to do with me, I haven't become rich out of it and no you cant have any off my fcuking money.

    If people like that labour baroness and all the other whingers feel that bad about something we stamped out over 200 years ago then give up all there perks, privalages and well paid jobs and fcuk off back to Africa.
  12. On R4 this morning, Archbishop of the Windies (I think) endlessly repeating himself about how Bliar should stand up on his hind legs and apologise to all the descendants of slaves etc etc.

    Just about the last sentence in the interview, and the word 'REPARATION' was used. Do I hear the sound of hands being extended?
  13. Or the Greeks asking for their horse back or else they'll send in the baliffs.

    It WASN'T a gift, they only lent it.
  14. And it's about time the Church of England handed back all the Catholic property they stole during the Reformation. An ancestor of mine was a batsard child of a Catholic monk burned for heresy by Henry VIII, where do I apply for an apology and a bit of compo?
  15. You've gotta understand m_s - their customs are different from ours, they come from Easter here - but that's a cross they have to bare!