Slavery - All the White man's fault?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Dec 19, 2003.

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  1. Firstly, let me say the Europeans have not a good record on the subject of the Slave Trade. In mitigation, at least Britain was the first to do something about it.

    However, for those who like to blame all slavery woes on the Europeans/Whites they might like to have a look at this report:

    In short, IN MAY THIS YEAR (2004) the parliament in Niger banned the keeping or trading in slaves. Needless to say the law has not been fully implemented.
  2. Of every nation on Earth that has a history more than a hundred or so years, Britain was and is probably the most humane and emancipated on the globe, and has been throughout history. White Europe didn't indulge in slaves anything near as much as Africa and Asia, and the UK was the first to emancipate slaves and abolish it.

    The worst culprits were either blacks themselves or Arabs, and that has been the case for thousands of years.

    I couldn't care less what people say today, or reports produced, I know my history. Even colonial Britain used indigenous troops and peoples for our end without the need to enslave them.
  3. On the anniversary of America abolishing Slavery 138 years ago too!

  4. Half of them did not listen though (the South) :lol:
  5. we abolished it in 1807 in UK then through the empire in 1833 :lol: the land of the "free" (Aka USA)abolished it a little later by 30ish years mmm glasses houses and stones methinks
  6. We abolished the trading of slaves in 1803, and slavery in 1833. Slavery in England had been ruled illegal in a Court judgement sometime in the 1780's.

    Once the war against Napolean had been won the Brits, especially the Royal Navy prosecuted a war against the slave trade that carries on even today.
  7. Or until govt. cost cutting removed the ships that have been on the West Africa station pretty much since 1808 at least.

    Am I wrong in thinking that the War of 1812 was partly as a result of the RN stopping Yankie slave traders? The Yanks often claim that it was something to do with the RN "pressing" American merchant sailors, however they fail to mention what sort of trade they were engaged in
  8. The american revolution had little to do with the stated reasons, no taxation without representation. TRUE LIFE history, not the yank stuff, is that the UK told settlers they had to pay the Indians a fair price for their land, and the yanks started a revolution because they wanted it for free or for a few bottles of moonshine. If the american revolution had never happened we would have still tamed the west, but using the Indians and not by killing them all, same as we did everywhere else. This is the kind of real history that the yanks don't like to hear, and certainly never teach their kids in school.
  9. Re GGG's link, how very unlike the BBC to be impartial enough to show Africans in a bad light.
  10. War of 1812 was about preventing the Spams making huge profits by stopping them trading grain to the Frogs - wonder if they'd be so upset now.

    American revolution (they call it the War of Independance) was about a small group of people objecting to paying tax and convincing a larger number of people that it was all about freedom. Having said that Farmer George and his Govt didn't help create an environment of sensible dialogue.

    Don't forget that most if not all of the men who signed the Declaration (All men are created equal etc) were slave owners.
  11. I am delighted to say that one of my forebears was off the Florida coast in 1812 helping nab a few "Yankie" ships. I suppose he must have got a few "bob" in prize money.
  12. I have an ancestor that served on HMS Shannon at the time it methodically took apart the Yankie frigate Chesapeake. I once went down to see the mill in Essex that they built out of the Chesapeake's timbers. Mention that little scrap to a Yank who's going on about the "great" US Navy victories in the war of 1812 (ie USN forty-four pulverises RN twenty-eight) and they might actually shut up.
  13. AFAIK George Washington had slaves some time after the US where given in dependence. "All men are created equal" my hoop.

    So what if they where fed and educated. They where still slaves.