Slave Trial in the UK

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Boumer, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. And well done the Rozzers for dealing with this nest of vipers. More please.
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    pikeys egh ? whadya gonna do ....
  3. I fully expect the judge to give them a tiny sentence and mention something about how their culture is different to ours.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. The pikeys suprise suprise tried the "Our culture exists outside of the normal society and you don't understand how it works" and also "we saved them from starving to death on the streets".

  6. Muslim pikeys, surely? They were, after all, doing something nasty, so bound to be Muslims, innit? Binding them in slavery with them ray-guns of theirs.

    Like that there Pharaoh. He was a gyppo, wunn'e, and they're all Muslims. QED.
  7. And you complain about us and our weird outlook on like!!!!!!! At least we outlawed slavery in 1848 and since the Taubira Act of 2001 view it as a crime against humanity.

    Send them to the International Criminal Court along with Bliar.

  8. Well played, sir!:twisted: :applaud:
  9. Heh. It's complicated. Actually you first abolished slavery in 1794, but somehow saw fit to revoke that in 1802, and didn't get round to doing the right thing for some 46 years thereafter, in 1848.

    We, on the other hand, had the job jobbed in 1833, after we'd made a shit-load of money out of it. Obviously an obscene amount of compensation was paid out of public funds to the dispossessed slave owners; that's just the good old British sense of fair play in all-round action for you. Except Chicken George didn't get dick.

    Just saying, like.
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  10. Sorry to bring this up again.

    But the most revolting lie that the 'travelling community' whips out of its saddle bag on occasions like this is that they are somehow 'at one' with the Roma, living outside the boundaries of society, etc, etc, so that's alright then.

    The Roma were persecuted by the Nazis. They were shot on sight because they caused too much trouble when attempts were made to round them up. It was cheaper in terms of blood and treasure to shoot them on sight. So they did.

    Even in death, they are outsiders. If you visit Oswiciem, you'll have to look hard to find their rather pitiful memorial, hurled way away from the rest, outside the hut reserved for the very few compliant ones who made it as far as Birkenau.

    It now seems that the 'travellers' are happy to treat other people like untermensch and bung them in a concentration camp, while at the same time claiming the false mantle of the downtrodden Roma in order to receive sympathy and, of course, benefits.

    The only Amon Goeth here is the one living in the posh caravan, diddling on his diddly thing.

    Dontcha lurve Irony
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  11. Did you inadvertently fall into fuel tanker and drink the contents to prevent your drowning before typing that?

    You also appear to have spelled Blair incorrectly unless of course you were imitating those joshing lunatics of ARRSE who routinely type "gobment", "Daily Wail" and "Broon".

    Coincidentally, those lunatics are also boring ***** with no military connections either.
  12. Why does it take UK authorities fifteen years to take notice and do something?
  13. All they are is bogtrotters who live in a caravan and shit in a bucket but this is enough to classify them as an ethnic group, which gives them the right to keep slaves, help themselves to any of your property that they like the look of, not pay any taxes and generally ignore any law that doesn't suit them - except for the Human Rights Act, for when they're being oppressed by people who expect them to obey the same laws as everybody else. Diddly-dee, to be sure.

    Gawd, I hate pikeys.
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  14. The Connors seem to have given practical expression to the fantasies some posters have about dealing with the unemployed, so what's the problem??