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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by animal_farm, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. From slaves to whiteman's burden in 200 years - there's progression for you!

    Catholics will be wanting an appology for being burnt at the stake next!

    Anymore groups want an appology? Well, I'm very, very sorry, now fcuk off, you're boring me!
  2. why are we saying sorry, i mean yes it was wrong, but i'm are not going to germany, grabbing hanz, and punching him untill he says 'ich bin sorry var vot moi grundfuter has don', his grandfarther may have been the man who dropped a bomb right on top of my nans house, he isnt saying sorry...
  3. This really shows Tony Bliar for what he is..but Im not surprises at all.

    Do they know we ended slavery in 1807?...
  4. One the average African doesn't give a sod they had slavery before the white man get there and are mostly please that white man bought civilisation to there culture.

    Two although the slave trade and slavery were wrong the impliments for punishment were designed for use on white criminals

    Three if he's so bloody sorry why isn't the archbishop wearing the chains?
  5. The PC Brigade are getting thier behinds thoroughly beaten on the Have Your Say section of the BBC website:

    {edit - Link won't work, go onto BBC News and look at bottom right links of HYS section - sorry folks}
  6. I was disgusted at a recent advert on the BBC; something like:
    "200 years ago Britain stopped the slave trade, they gave £1bn compensation... to the slave companies"
    Well in today's society and morality that's disgusting - but you could NOT have banned slavery given the strength of the companies involved without them being compensated. I'd rather have stopped slavery and paid the companies than see slavery continue.
    Lefty-handwringing-revisionist history. It gets my blood up - and I like to see myself as generally a campaigner for fair treatment of those less advantaged.
  7. Bringin up slavery now is stupid, tech it to kids in history class like you would the world wars and kings and queens.

    Ive read some right bollocks on the bbc page. Black people have less of a chance in life - yeh say that to p.diddy and the whole of the wayans family.

    Racism still exists today but it comes from all races, not just whites attacking blacks.

    Look at the big fuss when Halle Berry won an oscar, she was like ooo im the first black person to be given this award, its about time black people are awarded for their work. Well considering she is half and half, she cant make such a comment and the fact is she only won that award because she was the best actress out of the bunch.

    My family is catholic, they are not looking for apologies for stuff that happened wayyyyyyy before they were even thought of.
  8. Any decendent of slaves in the U.S. has white 'Masser' blood running through their veins, and that's why there's some lookers over there - I like a little molato from time to time - Beats first gen hippopotertrogs from Ghana on a London housing estate!
  9. FFS! What next, Norway and Swedan to apologise for the Vikings? Italy to apologise for the Romans?

    How about compensation from France for the Norman conquest?

    Slavery was well established in Africa before any white man had even set foot on the fcuking place. The vast majority of slaves were bought from other Africans, not captured and taken by force.

    Years ago, they had the Million Man March in Washington. One guy was jumping up and down in front of the camera and yelling that they(African Amercans) were "Descended from the Kings and Queens of Africa!"

    No, you're descended from the runts of the litter; the people the Kings and Queens of Africa SOLD.

    To all the NWP's still upset by the Slave Trade - get over it, you whining cnuts. It was a vile trade, but it was stopped, in no small part, due to this country's efforts.

    Compensation? IOU SFA. You want money, work for it. Or fcuk off to Africa. See how you get on in the "Motherland".

    End Rant...
  10. This is interesting, 'cos a similar thread was started on ARRSE a couple of days earlier - producing similar postings.

    Abp Rowan Williams is a very bright man, and a scholar who really should know better than to use the word "apologise" in this context. I'm surprised, and disappointed. You can, logically, only do that if you were personally responsible for the old slavery business, which no living person is.

    You may, however, regret it - and only a barbarian wouldn't regret and deplore what happened in the slave traffic. You can also "acknowledge" it, another term Rowan uses - quite appropriately, in that case.

    I am rather taken with the intelligent remark of the descendant of a slave-owner :

    "However, Christopher Madres-Smedley, a descendant of plantation owner John Pinney, says he does not propose to apologise.

    "He said: "I feel very strongly that an apology is a great human act, and a very good act, but you apologise for what you have done. Slavery stopped 200 years ago, that's quite a lot before I was born, I am therefore in no position to apologise [my emphasis]."

    Clear-thinking bloke.

    BTW, can I have some compensation for my forebears who were "invited" by K. James I (and VI) to quit Scotland and "plant" Ulster in 1611? Bet they'd have got a smacking if they'd declined the invitation to that fateful party, so their enforced westward move was a sort of slavery. Better whiskey in Ireland, perhaps, but what a lamentable taste in tartans . . .
  11. If we had not had slavery, then there would be no african-americans, i.e. half the population, who would still be in Africa
    If we had not had slavery, then there would not be the diversity in this country,.......nuff said
    Some PC twat said the UK parliamentary system was ruining Africa. hang on......zimbabwe, Sudan, good examples ???? BLX

    Compensation......yes, the boat fare back to Africa !!!!!!!!11111111111
  12. Its called progression mistakes are mistakes I for one will not apologies for something i had no hand in and I dont want anyone to apologies for me
  13. Well said. Apologies are entirely personal. Anyone who presumes to apologise for someone else is a presumptuous t**t.