Slave Names?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuggerAll, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm watching a film and an African American chap was twittering on about why he should not be called John Smith anymore because it was his slave name but now he is 'Masoud'.

    I did a little Google and found that this is bit if a social phenomenon amongst African-Americans and Jamaican-Americans. Think Mohamed Ali etc.

    I'm all in favour of personal choice and anyone should be able to call themselves whatever they like as long as its not for criminal reasons but I can't help wondering if they are not a lite confused.

    As far as I'm aware black Africans are not usually of a muslim background - indeed islam's involvement in black Africa would be as slave traders - so I'm at a loss to understand why African American would wish to pretend to be muslims.

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  2. I just watched Django unchained, there were lots of slaves, if I had a slave I would call it after that dog, you know which one....

    Thats right, Goldy from blue Peter.
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  3. Easier entry to the benefits system?
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  4. Maybe they converted. Cassius Clay did.
  5. Actually wah shield on I think they turned Muslim and changed their name in line with that religion rather that pretending to be wah/
  6. This sort of rubbish was doing the rounds about 15-20 years ago. People of Afro-Caribbean descent, particularly in the US, took to giving African names to their kids. But of course the arse fell out of that idea, because so few had any idea what an African name might be, and thus we ended up with LaTrine and DeNegrius. Similar to Taigs in NI making up "Gaelic" names for their kids.

    Horseshit, the lot of it.
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  7. I find calling them boy seems to annoy them.

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  8. There was a lad on the Late Late Show on RTE years ago who was definitely Afro although his mam and dad were white. Something genetic since we all started out as Africans. That's what his mother told him anyway since at the time there wouldn't have been many black lads in Ireland. Anyway this lad was fucked in the head and had changed his name from Pat Murphy to Soweto Africa or something even though he had a Kerry accent and wasn't descended from slaves.
  9. And then years later he became a moderator here.
  10. Aye, his Mum was shagging a black guy at one point.
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  11. Ya think? :D
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  12. Comment removed
  13. Easy, TID.

    The guy's suffered enough.
  14. Not a good slave name. Makes a good terrorist name though.
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