Slating of Hedley court on Holby city

I was wondering if anyone else saw the episode of Holby city were a soilder who was wounded in Afghan was addmitted to Holby as he said and i quote "Hedley discharged me because they couldnt do enough for me" i sent them a email about it and this is what i put

I was outraged i was watching a episode of Holby city with my wife, as we live
> in Germany i was watching it 2 days after it was aired in the UK. In the
> episode a soilder was admitted to the hospital saying that he was discharged
> from Hedly Court as they could not do enough for him. I find this VERY VERY
> offensive, as i am a member of the armed forces i know of a number of
> people that have been to Hedley court for a number of reasons. 1 been a
> accident out in Iraq. They have all said how well they were treated there.
> They have nothing but the best people in that place Doctors Nurses and
> Phisiotherapy staff. This is not only insulting to the people that have been
> there but it is also very insulting to ALL the staff that work there. It is
> a top class Hospital and serves a very good purpose. What was said on that
> episode is dame right disrespectfull. They would not discharge anyone
> because they could not help them, they would work there hardest to make
> theose people better and if couldnt they would get the people in that could
> make them better they would not be DISCHARGED!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that
> before you go make nasty accusations about the people that dedicate
> themselfs to helping our WAR HEROS you should seriously think about what you
> are saying. Maybe you should research your information better. Would you
> have let that comment be made if your son/daughter had had a nasty accident
> on a operational tour or exercise and needed to use that facility and seen
> the treatment they get. I hope and pray that you dont have to see
> it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a reply that said this

Dear Mr Bourne
> Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Holby City'.
> I understand you were unhappy with a recent episode you viewed in Germany and that you felt the programme made accusations, about rehabilitation centres for the armed forces, which you felt were unfounded.
> Throughout the show's history we have featured a diverse range of storylines and few subjects have escaped our script-writers' imaginations. Although the programme deals with some topical and current themes, these are fictional stories and we're confident the audience understands this. As with any drama a certain amount of dramatic licence will be involved in the storytelling, and so any portrayal is not intended to be strictly representative of real life.
> We do however appreciate the feedback and would like to assure you that we've registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback we compile daily for the programme makers and senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are also circulated and considered across the Corporation.
> Thank you again for contacting us.
> Regards
> Stuart Webb
> BBC Complaints

i feel that this is not a good enough appology anyone else agree

i did see this too, although the comment slipped past me. that said i did find the story line rather strange with the whole guilt/PTSD thing.

Would have thought that BBC Drama would have consulted a few select persons over this to avoid a FCUK UP. Clearly they did not.

good letter, well constructed. shame about the lame reply thou.
Yes i totally agree.

The way it was portrayed on the programme implied that Hedley just patch up and ship out! Leaving people to just get on with it. As for the reply you recieved, i think it was dismissive and disrespectful. Not only to those who find themselves having to use the facility but to those who put in the commitment and compassion that work there too.

A proper apology is needed
Piss poor if you ask me !

Well done for bringing it out in the open.I dont watch the programme or anything simmilar simply due to the fact that programmes like this do not get things right and do not research their material correctly !
i just emailed Mr Webb with this................................

Dear Mr Webb!!

Thank you for your reply to my email,
However what you have said does not excuse the things that were said in that show. My oppinion is that a appology is called for from the wrighters of Holby city for the offense that they have caused. I know of a number of people that are truly outraged at what was said especially the Military friends and collegues of mine that have Spent time in Hedley court. All you have done is sent me excuses for what was said and not a propper appology. I understand that it is not you personally that wrote the episode but i do strongly believe that a appology is in order.

As much as i understand that the wrighters use dramatic license when wrighting there facts are completly wrong. Fictional or not what was said was a disgrace to a very very Highly respected Organisation. and for the people that are offended by it do deserve a appology!

Thank you for your time


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Does the fact that they have made negative comment, albeit in a fictional story, about a real establishment have any bearing?
yes it does have a lot of bearing if you ask my oppinion? why dont you think it has. i suppose it depens on how it was said. But it was said in a bad way on a very serious subject
Yes it probably does have a bearing...the majority of people watch holby style programmes rather than the excellent documentaries about Hedley court or its patients. I sometimes feel if you flashed up "Vote for Brown" in the middle of a soap you could do more harm in a second than in months of campaigning...

The sort of drones who script these shows were frightened at school by some tough lad or lass who went on to the Army. as a result they use their disproprotionately powerful media to muck 'em about! Bad BBC. By the way...what apology. I didn't see one!
Would they have made a similar critical comment about say an NHS hospital in the Bristol area - I think not.

That said, I'm not boarding bus this time because programme and its spin-off are rubbish and most of their storylines stereo-type, parody or portray someone in a bad light.


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Was he a psycho/nutter/alcoholic/wife beater or did the BBC slip up and forget how they normally portray soldiers?
There was no Appology thats why i have messaged them back saying that a appology is in order! What was said was a disgrace and insulting to all that work there and for all that have had to spend time there!
Have never 'climbed' on the outrage bus before, so not sure where to go and when to report.....

However, I do remember the storyline and whilst watching it with Mrs C_S we both commented on the total b0ll0cks of the whole premise. With Mrs C_S having first hand experience of Headley Court on two occasions the whole "they got rid of me because they couldn't help" is and was for her a load of 'shoite!"

This thread has galvanised my resolve and hopefully sated my increasing desire to hiss and spit at the TV when anything military is inaccurately portrayed. I have gone onto the BBC website to register my 'complaint' in the politest possible way....

Not sure what I'll get back but should diminish the chances of me chucking my 'cocoa' at the TV next time something military pi55e5 me off.......

I've said it before on a number of occasions - the BBC are no friends of the armed forces.

BTW, seanthechef, please run your complaints to the BBC through a spellchecker in future - those that run the Beeb consider themselves more intelligent than us mere mortals and a badly spelled rant just weakens your case!
Dear Mr c s Thank you for your reply and your support like was said earlier we are always portrayed as alcohlics wife beaters so on and so forth. If more people complain to the BBC then i see a better chance of a appology. Can i ask when did you make the complaint?
seanthechef said:
There was no Appology thats why i have messaged them back saying that a appology is in order! What was said was a disgrace and insulting to all that work there and for all that have had to spend time there!
I think you'll probably find there's (infinitely) more slating of Holby City in Headley Court than there is slating of Headley Court on Holby City.

And rightly so IMHO.

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