Slasher's back

I have just had a quick shufti at the members list and noticed Slasher has registered. Do we warn the CO or not I wonder?...nah, let's let him find out the hard way  ;D

BTW, many sodding email addresses have you got?
Slasher is bullet proof after all how many Warrent Officers do you know who can get away with parading in full SS uniform during regimental parade in Hildeshiem in 91......
Slasher from Hilderbanna!

I remeber a young Atpr called Nig Jas Florey, he was dancing and cavorting with Slashers missus when he was supposed to be a waiter at the Cpls mess christmas doo.

Slasher took exception and started having a go at him, nig florey lamped him a good-un!  Result!

Slasher was such a hard man!!!!!!

Wasn't he also seen driving down the main drag in Hildesheim, in a 43 saluting and wearing a full SS uniform. Nice guy Slasher.
Groundspike! your're a cock.  I don't think you were there for all these events. Your a third hand bluffing to$$er who hasn't got a clue.  

Yes, Slasher like many blokes fell foul of the Sirens.  but it didn't phase him.  He got to WO2. Where did you get to and why did you leave?  Cos you're a spinless git and I know women who have done longer than you.  

Slasher is a character.  Not many about now.  

Thank Fcuk you're not left to carry the flame. You haven't got an ounce of Character to talk about.

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