Slashed wrist

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by duckiciao, May 7, 2008.

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  1. Alright, so I just accidently stabbed myself in the wrist with a wall-paper scraper (PM if you want details of how), missing my radial artery by about 3mm, and I have selection on Monday.

    Will this injury in any way cause me to fail or be deffered selection?

    Considering I have no mobility problems, it just cut through flesh and fat until it bounced off ligament/bone.
  2. what a WAH!
  3. hahaha :lol:
  4. You might aswell ring up and ask for a later selection date.

    You're in fcuking trouble!

    Wait until you're feeling all better :D
  5. Make sure you tell them that it wasn't deliberate or you'll be CAT-4'd :p :D
  6. What a PRICK!

    thanks for the replies guys, I'll ring my recruiting Sgt tomorrow and advise him of whats happened, and hope he advises me on the best course of action.
  7. I'm sure I recall you being told prior to this post at some point "wind your neck in". shocking :eek:
  8. One lad who passed selection when I was there turned up with a "smilie" on his hand that he had burnt into it himself. So I wouldn't worry about them thinking your a self harmer.
  9. Yeah, its not like I have scars all the way up my arm. Plus its a deep thick one, not a superficial cut. I should be fine :)
  10. If you've got no history of self harm and you explain the situation then you should be fine. I assume you went to the hospital for the cut so it'll be on your records anyway
  11. i'd probably recommend going at a later date. you probably don't have any problems using your hand but at adsc your going to be putting your wrists under a lot of pressure so you don't want your wound exploding open causing more damage and a icky mess!
  12. Nah, mum was a nurse, so she patched me up and kissed me better.

    I'm counting on my youth, fitness and healthiness to allow my body to repair it quickly. I'll take the dressing off tomorrow and see how its coming along, and I'll see if I can do some heaves later on tonight maybe.

    I'm not all that keen on pushing my selection date back though, it hasn't cut through any ligaments/tendons, doesn't hurt and didn't even start bleeding for about 5 minutes, so its not that serious.
  13. We did quite a few press ups at selection and also baring in mind the jerry can walk, there could be a lot of pressure I suppose. Depends how much you want it, if you think you'll fail I'd go at a later date theres nothing worse than failing first time (I imagine) and going through it all again
  14. I mean no disrespect, but if you get deployed (eventually), are you going to tell your adversary to stop trying to hurt you because you have damaged yourself in some way? Umm... No, your going to have to press on, injury or no injury.