Slashed MTDs rumour

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Have just been PM'd this.

    Is this related to ARRSE thread - One Army...............Regular & Territorial!!!!!!!

    Or just a one off (or this unit has too many soldiers on its books and a small MTD budget)
  3. MTD's are getting slashed left, right and centre, as regards to weekends. Not heard of it getting to the point where the unit has to close though :?
  4. Yep our Brigade SAAM was cancelled due to this
  5. Budgets are tight.

    Each Regional Brigade will react in a different way to trim costs. Some will take it full on in the face and just cut training (regular mentality - OJAR concerns!) whereas some will take a more pragmatic view.

    It depends where you are - in a region where someone has a brain, or in one where they have not.

    Where are the ones where training is being cut?
  6. I know we've had our MTDs cut to 80day maximum, which is a coincidence as we have to do 80 minimum as well!
  7. Happening in London.....
  8. I believe the unit was in 15 Bde, I'm also in that Bde and ours hasn't
  9. Our MTD's are being capped at 32 per year, anyone who will go above that has to apply to Bde for more. Its all a big effort to save money as the army is nearly broke. Also in August of this year the TA will have to pay for meals, won't be eating in the TAC then :x
  10. strange, we are taking on more bods and training has been increased.
  11. Maybe its an attempt to weed out those "team building" weekends where the objective is a bbq 8O
  12. Great news. Sometimes I wonder what the point of joining was.
  13. But those were the best weekends :D
  14. Sounds like the cuts are region wide. The cuts are a bit of a p**s take when we are expected to up the tempo with our training in order to close the gap with our regular counterparts so that we are more effective when mobilsed. Its a bit like saying you need to get fitter and run faster but we are going to first smash you in the goolies and take a crowbar to your knees.

    Whilst I am certainly not condoning the cuts in any way, we are now even more focussed in ensuring that the Tuesday nights and weekends are spent more efficiently and are even more packed to the gunnels with training. So it initially has had a good effect in a bizarre way, in kicking our arrses into doing something positive about it.

    With some of the newly formed units the training Tues/weekends are completely necessary to shake out and get the soldiers into the new organisational way of thinking. It is also a great recruiting and retention tool and so sacfrificing weekends might have a negative affect on them. I hope not though.

    The advantage of having a micro-managing RHQ means the past few weekends have not really required the full compliment of Sqn Snrs or Officers thus saving quite a few MTD's!!
  15. Ever thought it might be somthing to do with all the folk who do upwards of 200 days, being told to have a reality check?

    CBA & Helmet on..