Slasged peaks.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. I have seen a lot of instructors with these, and was of the opinion that it was the domain of the guards, and not other units. Then I met the provo sergeant from our regular battalion, funnily enough with a slashed peak, but I seem to remember being told by an instructor when I was a cadet that it was a bad thing to do, as you could get in trouble for defacing uniform. Is there a definitive answer? Is it walting by these self appointed "drill pigs"? Your answers would be a great help to me.
  2. I may be going off on the wrong tack here, but to my knowledge, you're right in slashed peaks being the domain of the Guards, but I believe that drill instructors and RSMs can wear them - though may be mistaken there - but the former only when taking drill in 2s or barracks.
  3. Slashed peaks are the domain of feck all, Guards hats are designed that way, everyone else's is supposed to look like postman pat, its defacement of kit however quite an ally one.

    Saying all that I have always had a slashed peak but not a severe as a Guards one, if you cut the stitching at the corners of the peak, it makes it a little more flexible and you can push it up slightly and make it look a 100 times better, plus if the razzer sees you all you have to do is tug it an its back to normal
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    However, that bloke has gone through a lot of courses/grief/shite in order to be in a position where he can slash his peak and get away with it. Drill walt? "Overly keen" is what i'd describe them as.

    Go on, slash yours, and ask your RSM what he thinks of it.
  5. wellyhead- that is the first time i've seen a picture of g-force since i was a wee nipper!

    thank you for bringing all the memories flooding back!
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm an SMI, but not a drill pig, and have no intention of slashing my peak. Just curious as to why do it. Yes it dies look ally. My RSM has no probs with it. As to my comment about walting drill pigs, I was referring to those who had NOT attended the AADW.
  7. Papegojan, I bet these fuax drill pigs even carry a pace stick cuttting around the place as if they own it. But given the real world would be shrinking in to the nearest corner!

    Walts the lot of them.

  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why get excited over postman pats hat, get a real one, a rifle green beret!
  9. STILTS Devon ACF has an SMI that mentions at every chance that he is ex Regular, what he forgets to mention is that he only made it to week 8 of training!

    And yes a complete WALT, likes to think he is a regular CSM (Pace stick and all) and one of the reasons (as an ex soldier - of a lot more then 8 weeks!) that I decided it was time to leave the ACF.

    UGLY - I agree, Rifle Green is the way forward.
  10. These are probably the same "Drill pigs" that teach 'cadet' drill, I am sick to death of having to teach my cadets drill every time they come back off camp because SI such and such says "this is the way we do it in cadets".

    No it isn't, there is a drill manual extracts of which are reproduced in the APC manual there is no special to cadets drill for fcuks sake, teach to the manual not to some made up cadet way of doing things.
  11. And one of the reasons I am seriously considering my position within the organisation as well
  12. People, just a suggestion. I agree that these people do annoy, grate, (insert own negative reaction here). However, there are enough of us in the organisation who are in it for the right reasons. If you decide to leave, fair enough, that's your choice, but in doing so, you make life much easier for the walts. I never served, but have been 15 yeas in the organisation, and have seen walts come, and invariably, go. If your county/Bn/sector does its job properly, these clowns should get weeded out eventually.
  13. Papegojan is right. Walts are not worth even the steam off your piss. I have just two words for senior walts. They are 'Yeah' and 'Whatever', often used in conjunction. And I studiously ignore everything they do and say. After a while they get the subliminal message, and leave you well alone, perhaps even start desperately wanting to be your friend. Walts hate being ignored, as it completely goes against the grain of waltism.

    And the best thing is that they can't really complain that your conduct or attitude is contrary to good order or discipline either, because you havent just told them to fcuk off in front of the entire company, as much as you would love too.

    That said, my part of the ACF is relatively Walt free, although there is the odd bit of harmless waltishness occasionally.
  14. Not saying you are wrong for the most part but doesn't the APC manual state a different way of standing at ease with the rifle?

    Or is the drill manual I checked out of date?
  15. Now there you go you may have a point on that one, I am in a detachment that has no weapons so do not teach weapons drill (maybe I should invest in some broom sticks :D ) so it is a little while since I had need to compare the APC manual with the Drill manual in this respect, still the point remains 'in general' there is no such thing as cadet drill and the so called drill pigs (in my experience) personal drill usually leaves a little to be desired.