Slapton sands E boat

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tropper66, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Schnell boot 130 being rebuilt in devon, it took part in the infamous attack in 1944 BBC news
    Military history buff Kevin Wheatcroft is rebuilding a Schnellboot in Devon, S130 was involved in the attack at Slapton Sands EX Tiger in April 27th 1944 when 3 Landing Ships Tank where sunk causing 946 allied deaths, Mr Wheatcroft was recently featured on The UK History Channel "Tank Overhaul" program were he helped to rebuild a Panther tank, he owns he only privatly owned Panther in the UK
  2. Thank you very much for that link, one day I will find out how this COMPUTER works
  3. No problem :)
    Its a hell of a story, they have aquired the salvage rights to the remains of 3 more E Boats of Denmark to bring up parts for the restoration.
    Apparently S130 is engined with Napier Deltics but from what I can gather they have bought a boat with the right engines to put it back to the orginal setup.
    Will be interesting to see how it progress's
  4. Interestingly, one of S-130's foes in April 1944 was MTB 416 based at Dartmouth.

    The stories of both boats and their previous restoration appear on the British Military Powerboat Trust's website here and here respectively.

    MTB 416 restored as MGB 81 on the Solent in 2003

    Scnellboot S-130 at the Southampton Boat Show

    MGB 81 appears to be up for sale herself for £500k (link).
  5. "Apparently S130 is engined with Napier Deltics"
    The original engines where Benz diesels, the fuel being less liable to catch fire unlike the RR Merlins used in our MTB & MGBs.
    Napier Deltic now that was an engine

  6. Our MTB's used petrol Packards I think.
    The Deltics are an incredible piece of engineering, when they come on the market nowadays they make a lot of money (I toyed with the idea of one for tractor pulling once over, the price binned the idea pretty quickly)
    If memory serves, a lot of the American boats used Napier Deltics (PT Nasty or some such I think?)
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    They reckon it may cost £3 mil to repair/ renovate- no credit crunch there then!
  8. Yes the Nasty Class had them one is sunk up on the west coast of Scotland at Campbelltown Loch...Does Paxman not still built Deltics?

    pic of the Cambelltown "Nasty" this boat came from Norway...

  9. Disn't know that about Paxman, apparently they built the last one around 1982. LAst time I looked any old Deltic engine was making £25-30k apiece.
    The PT Nasty's where Norwegian built I think, certainly a Norwegian design anyway.
  10. Four came over here in the 90's and were in Troon marina for many went back to Norway to get rebuilt, another is restored in Cornwall, the Campbelltown..and the other vanished...

    Germany had Nasty's too.. :)
    the Turks and Greece still do..(mind you my info is a couple of years old now )

  11. I remember the Troon ones, kinda thought there was more than four but thats probaly just dodgey memory.

    Can anybody remember what the Dundrennan (Kirkcudbright) Range boat was back in the 1980's?
    I seem to remember is was a very fast old ML of some kind, think it was replaced many years ago though. I seem to remember Maryport Harbour Master had something of a similar ilk. 20 odd years ago there seemed to be quite a few fast ML's dotted around
  12. "Our MTB's used petrol Packards I think."

    Yes Merlin's build by the US Packard Motor Company, who's engines also powered the P51 Mustang.
    There was just no way the small RR company could have built all the Merlin's require for the RAF and the US Air Forces.
    The great thing about the Merlin was it's supercharger. Benz and BMW kept building larger engines to power the Luftwaffe aircraft, RR just kept upping the boost pressure on the small, by aviation standards, Merlin.
    Dr. Stanly Hooker was the genius who was in charge of supercharger development, until Royce s gave him the Jet Job.