Slapping kids around

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stanley1975, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Browsing the DM during lunch I came across this article:

    Hundreds of fuming Corrie viewers complain about smacking scene as adopted daughter is seen being slapped on the legs | Mail Online

    I don't have a tv so I don't know how bad or good the scene was but quite frankly I'm surprised people were disgusted with it. A 10 year old kid poisons a fish tank killing all the fish and as a consequence received a few slaps on her legs. Having no kids I don't know what I'd do to her. Probably cane her to bits I guess.

    Considering I've been slapped for far less as a kid I thought the punishment seemed rather mild in this case. Surely judging by the pictures this isn't child abuse?

    Nice touch though. The school uniform that is.
  2. Get a life (and a TV, so you needn't come here and can make up your own mind).

    Thanking you.
  3. It's only proper abuse when it's your balls slapping against them.
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  4. I have always wondered why when sensible parents are talking about mild chastisement such as an open-handed smack to hand or bottom that the stock 'Guardianista' response is about thrashing a child within an inch of their life.

    Perhaps if more parents actively sought to curb their children's bad behaviour we wouldn't be as far down the toilet as we are now.
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  5. Why slap your child on the legs when you can go the medical route, introduce it to seven years of psychological torture by psychologist, highlight it's deficiencies among its peers at its school by being withdrawn from class once a week in the process, and yourself develop a wild social life with the other parents of like mind with special children at the juvenile fish poisoners help group?

    If you slap your child, you may never be able to write your first book, or even have a moment of fame with an article "ten horrible years" in one of the Sundays?

    Wasted opportunity just slapping it!

    Sorry just noticed it is the NAAFI, dog collars and school uniforms .....
  6. How can kids develop and blossom fully into hoodie wearing acid meth dealers, if they are traumatised as children by having been smacked?
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    People who's offspring misbehave to the extent that they need to be beaten as punishment, have clearly failed as parents.
  8. I never quite understood how it's acceptable to beat children but not fully grown adults. Do it to a five-year-old? Why not a 21-year-old infantryman, 30-year-old paramedic or 45-year-old sales accountant? Surely they exercise far more responsibility and should be more gravely aware of their actions?
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  9. I quite agree. However a responsible parent will curb excessive behaviour by the use of mild chastisement which is as far removed from a beating as a kiss is from a punch. Well, to sensible people it is, anyway.
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  10. I have only ever had to smack my 9 year old once, and it seems in this case once was enough.
  11. Just tried to have this same fooking discussion with a mate on FB only for the whining twat binned the topic cos he's a hemmer & thinks all physical punishment is wrong FFS. Letting bad personal experience dictate his logic. Mong

    Absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional smack if the little fcuker is being a little fcuker. Everyone knows whaling into a kid with a fist etc is not on. Punishment for bad behaviour in our day was a smack. Simple as. Our society of the 60's & 70's was far more respectful because of it imo.

    Fcuking do gooding no marks in the media with childhood trauma bollocks due to smack for pissing in the flowerbeds make me wanna slap them. Cunts.
  12. I've never owned a fish talk, so can't appreciate the seriousness or not of the crime. However, if a 21-year-old infantryman, 30-year-old paramedic or 45-year-old sales accountant had pissed me off in such a way, I'd be punching their lights out, not just slapping their arse

    That said, I expect the programme to develop the story line in such a way that the perpetrator (the adult that is), is fully punished for his anti-social behaviour. I.e loses his job, girlfriend, family, becomes an alcoholic homeless crack dealer, just so we all know that there's justice in soap land.
  13. How old are your kids?
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  14. Fair point that. @Ravers: When mine were the age of yours, that thought didn't cross my mind. Now I beat them up daily, billiard balls in the sock and what not...
  15. Never understood that either but I guess the pessimists will reason it will only get worse if you allow mild punishments. That is, a parent starts with a mild slap on the nappy and ends up spinning his 16 year old on the wheel whipping him to death. Or something to that extent.