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Slappers Wheels

Agreed absolute shite. Tell you why theres less accidents involving women. We as men do the fookin driving thats why. coming home today saw a total failure of depth perception by some woman into the back of some blokes car going the other way, came out STILL on her bloody mobile!!

Ok ill stop before the thought police come get me.
Agree totally with both of you! On an accidents per mile basis women have far more accidents which means that they are more likely to have an accident each time they get behind the wheel then men!!! (Not got the stats to hand but then this is the NAFFI so why the fook should I ;) )

Each time I hear the music to that shiiting advert start up I start feeling the urge to kill and to take an axe to the tv!
Xplosiverab said:
Is anyone else heartilly fcuked off with that fcuking Sheilas Wheels advert?

I for one fcuking hate it.

Rant over.
The whole trend with advertizing of late, i have noticed, is that they make awful, bizarre, wierd adverts, which are so bad they make you remember it by being so odd and also then talk about it... the aim of the game is getting people talking and remembering it, the more times its repeated the more it sinks in and you are calling them for insurance/ summer holiday/ car/ pizza etc.... advertizing, its a bizarre world
I despise that advert, and the diamond car insurance advert. What they say is 'Women are better drivers than men', I wonder if I'd get aware with such discrimination? What if I were to set up my own insurance company that only allowed men? I doubt that would go down too well.

Speaking of adverts; There is a special circle in Hell that has been reserved for whoever authorised the new Mars advertising campaign. Who the fcuk are Mars to try and sell a product based on peoples support for their national team? I'm sure Mars is not owned by an English company, so what they are doing is just an attempt at money grabbing (all companies are of course, but not all companies hijack my country's flag to do so).
Thinking about this, i seriously think we may be onto something here. Women do drive less than men and yet seem to have almost as many accidents...

EDIT: Proof

Well mostly proof but all the analysis is there, per mile men are safer drivers. But of course being white straight and male im an easy target for discrimination so why bother?
Well in that case I think the new Army recruitment advert should feature a day in the life of a Tom, including Skiffing, Danger W@nking, Brown Wings, Sh!tting in handbags and ragging Hippocrocodilus. That should get people talking.

As im typing this, the cnuting advert has just come on the TV again.

Fecking sh!te.
Well I dunno, You could save yourself a bunch of fivers!

*But yes I am sick of it, I happen to mute the adverts as best I can :) There also very loud these days!!
I think it's an only ladies option ;)

As their *Careful* drivers, my arse!

But no I don't think there is, and if there were.. I think they would be doing the Y.M.C.A take off, lmao!
Its not all women's fault though is it?

Women are 'expected' to drive girly cars like vauxhall Nova, Citroen Saxo etc, powered by the kind of engine you get on a model plane, and automatics too. these cars are shit, difficult to drive, and crumple up after the slightest impact.

No wonder so many who can afford to are now going for big tank-like four wheel drives, WHICH HAVE NO PLACE IN TOWNS, AND MOST PEOPLE (MALE OR FEMALE) WHO DRIVE THEM NEED EXTRA TRAINING BEFORE THEY KILL SOMEONE ELSE!

Women are taught to drive by men who tell them that the distance between thumb and forefinger is '10 inches'

There are too many drivers, male and female, in this country whose licences should be revoked. And for those who cant pass a test after 3 goes, ban them for life. Surgeons only get 3 chances to pass there exams.


Xplosiverab said:
Is anyone else heartilly fcuked off with that fcuking Sheilas Wheels advert?

I for one fcuking hate it.

Rant over.

Yep and that Hastings Car Insurance one with the litle singing tw*t with his '0811....1066', which has to be the naffest ad on TV at this time. I wouldn't use either of them on the back of such crap advertising.
Lairdx said:
walt_of_the_walts said:
these cars... ...crumple up after the slightest impact.
Only if they get driven into things. Simple solution don't.
You're right Lairdx, it's all a big con. If we didn't drive into things we wouldn't need insurance. All we have to do is not hit each other with our cars, how simple, I can't believe no-one ever thought of that. :D

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