Slapper date sites!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. " A mate" of mine uses Filthy at fifty to find an outlet to his filthy habits....Thats fine But!

    Why do women post pictures of Their tits & Gashes out and state " looking for Mr Right" "looking for frendship first".....its a slappers web site if your are looking for a long term relationship feck off to

    Rant on behalf of my Mate ahem!

    What sites do you use and what pi$$es you off about the tarts.

    Whats your success rate
  2. Sorry.....what was the name of that website again?
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  3. Smudge its Filthy over fifty.......research only!!
  4. Signed up, slap on.
  5. What's the betting the local Clap Clinics have had more than average Over 50's and older coming through their doors with Clunge-rot, Drippy Willies and Erse Crabs Sores etcetera....
  6. Is that what your upto as well Uncle V,
  7. Well.... i always wanted to be a Pox Doctors Clerk when I left school...... but, I joined the R Sigs instead and became a data Telegraphist........ ???
  8. Whats the Difference......!
  9., an endless stream of filth. Stretched the holes of a suprisingly pretty primary school teacher when her squaddie boyfriend was on Herrick, I felt bad until I spied a picture of the fat cunt clinging to some hesco with a sapper TRF on. She also wanked me off with marigolds on, a strange sensation but worth the half hour it takes to shoot.
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  10. I would prefer filthy under 30, not filthy over 50...yuk....saggy tits and saggy piss flaps
  11. 11 posts and not one person has mentioned the land of slappers and mental health problematic women - Plenty of fish!
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  12. Certainly agree with the mental health bit.

  13. I think there is a whole thread to POF - Some charming lovely ladies I have met on there. ;-)
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  14. I heard Mumsnet is quite good hunting ground.