Slap Nick Griffin

Came across this little gem on tinterweb and it's the most fun I've had this week so far.


Although after a few mins I did find my mind wandering towards this bag of shit...

I got to 1256 slaps before my computer started to say no, who can get the highest score? The winner gets to place a fiver in a RBL collection box this week.

Now come on they've got some good policies.
I'd vote for him.

Oh hang on I seem to have forgotten that
1. I've never had Lynx Super for breakfast (or at all come to think of it)
2. I dont sit around all day in my pants watching Jezza Kyle on my 50" plasma that I can somehow afford even though I've never worked a day in my life 'coz I'm on the sick'.
3. I'm not a cnut....well ok maybe I am, but I'm not that sort of cnut.
I don't think it's fair.....for goodness sake give a man a chance.

Why can't I have a flamethrower or some of those nippy burms they give to the Crabs ???? Not fair, defintely not fair.

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