Slap Nick Griffin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FatBoyGeorge, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Came across this little gem on tinterweb and it's the most fun I've had this week so far.


    Although after a few mins I did find my mind wandering towards this bag of shit...


    I got to 1256 slaps before my computer started to say no, who can get the highest score? The winner gets to place a fiver in a RBL collection box this week.

  2. quality site mate!! i gave up at 256 tho!
  3. 56 for me.
  4. Has he been bitten by a vampire?
  5. Looks like I'm putting an extra fiver in the box this week, there must be a hermit on here that's a sadder cunt than me.
  6. 350. Then i put my boot through the fecking screen.
  7. I wish there was an option for turkey slappin'
  8. I did 554 then it got boring,,,,, didnt see the shotgun anywhere to finish the job
  9. 555 (easy with a touch pad!) can they do one for brown too?
  10. the site needs improving. There needs to be a range of slapping tools.

    The classic, hand.
    Wet fish.
    Rounders bat.
    Newcy Brown Bottle (with smashing effects)

    any more?
  11. 603..YAY! Could do with something to poke him with too.
  12. Edna, why do you want to poke him, thats sick :wink:

    F-B-G, who's that photo of?
  13. Now come on they've got some good policies.
    I'd vote for him.

    Oh hang on I seem to have forgotten that
    1. I've never had Lynx Super for breakfast (or at all come to think of it)
    2. I dont sit around all day in my pants watching Jezza Kyle on my 50" plasma that I can somehow afford even though I've never worked a day in my life 'coz I'm on the sick'.
    3. I'm not a cnut....well ok maybe I am, but I'm not that sort of cnut.
  14. wah?