Slang names for Nationalities

Discussion in 'Travel' started by happybonzo, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Slang names for nationalities: I've heard of Frogs, Eyeties, Boxheads etc
    but what word or term would you use for the Portuguese? I have heard them described by some one on another site as "Porkys"

    Has anyone ever heard or even used that as term to describe the Portuguese?
  2. Tuga

    Portuguese slang for «portuguese». It started out by being a derogatory term used by the African rebels during the Portuguese colonial wars (1960's - 1974). Ironically, it is now a word that overly patriotic portuguese use to refer to themselves.
    «Estão ali mais tugas.» - Look, more portuguese people over there.

    «Orgulho Tuga» - Portuguese Pride
  3. Pork & Beans was the one I have always heard for the Portuguese
  4. I found this if it is of any help:


    First, there’s “pork and cheese,” a pet name for the Portuguese that probably originated in the gas-choked trenches of the first World War. The phrase has nothing to do with what Portuguese soldiers ate; it’s just simple rhyming slang. :wtf: