Slander - gratuitous abuse of nonce

The Telegraph and other papers are heaping abuse on one area where Britian leads the world - our car and shipbuilding industries are in the shitter, the economy's tanked, the armed forces are soon going to be taking turns to hold the bullet, but our nonces are the best there is.

And the best of the best has just been wantonly abused, all his achievements set at naught, and is called 'the worst' in his field, despite this record of solid success:

Postman Michael Williams, aged 28, is thought to have groomed up to 1,000 children used Facebook and Bebo to contact both boys and girls.

He persuaded at least 460 to perform sex acts on webcams for him which he recorded and kept on meticulously catalogued computer files.
Even the prosecution was happy to acknowledge his mastery of the art:

Mr Andrew Macfarlane, prosecuting, said: "This defendant has for many years groomed and corrupted hundreds of children across the country. He used aspects of the internet so popular with children such as Facebook, Bebo and MSN Messenger.

"This was internet sex offending on a previously unseen scale"
Typical negative press reporting.

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