SLAM but not everywhere

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by General Melchett, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    It's interesting to keep reading how great SLAM is and the millions spent so far.

    Can't say I've seen many stories on there about the barracks where it's not coming to anytime soon.

    Take a certain ammunition depot, the largest the country/europe, tucked away in Warickshire.

    SLAM is not coming here for at least another 4 years and due to the fact that it is coming soon no money will be spent on refurb of the accommodation or messes.

    The Sgt's mess for example is antiquated, the rooms have old fittings, cracks in the walls, peeling paint, mouldy showers, are badly insulated, poor heating, subsidence on some walls.

    Repairs are done as and when with minimal spend. Money has been spent on the public rooms due to needing a new ceiling and refurb of the bar was done on a self help basis by mess members.

    The soldiers accommodation is in a better condition but not that much.

    Any other camps in a smiliar predicament?
  2. St Omer barracks is in somewhat of a strange predicament and has been for some time now.

    With the building of the new St Omer village (lots of SLAM has allready been built) and the relocation of DFSS to Worthy Down in Jan, the rest of the old buildings have a demolition order against them. The problem though was the fact that I spent 7 months there on a course this year in the officers mess which had a heating and water system devised by someone with less grey matter that the current president of Americaland and had less ability than that of a burko boiler to heat an entire camp! It was always interesting waking up and making the decision to shave or shower with hot water, as inevitably, as soon as the plug was covered in searingly hot water from a nuclear reactor, then it was replaced with a direct pipeline from the Arctic circle. The walls were made of steel (not actually joking on that) and there were drainage pipes in my room running from the roof inside the building! Great trying to sleep on a rainy night after a few beverages in the bar and needing to p!ss every second of the night!

    No cash was being spent at all on repairs due to the demolition order but we still had to pay for the priviledge to live there!

    I guess the common line is "Chin up" and "Dry your eyes". That is certainly what we got from the joyous establishment that is Aspire!
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well it gives the lads something to aim for I suppose.

    Luxurious SLAM to a sub-standard Officers/Seniors mess.
  4. CGS has made it very plain his attention is on this right now.

    So any more 'Slow SLAM" stories out there?
  5. Can name two places where it wouldn't happen in fifty years-SEAE Arborfield & 42 Eng Reg't Hermitage
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    PTP, I actually spoke to one of the SLAM project managers and jokingly he said it wouldn't be on this camp in the near future. PM for more details.
  7. I believe that the most of of the junior ranks at Kineton live 2 per 8 man room (with a dividing wall) that they pay very little for. I somehow doubt they will be shouting for smaller SLAM rooms that they have to pay more for.

    As to Sgts I can't think of a single camp I've been on where SNCOs and Officers have actually got SLAM it's not like they are going to sign off though is it?

    Even when SLAM are built though their quality varies, The ones in Abingdon seem to have been built by Bodgit & Scarper while the ones in PRB Gutersloh seem to be top notch.
  8. Melchy, Hackle is on this case at the moment I believe, he'll pick up on it shortly?
  9. I thought this was about Stand Off Land Attack Munitions :oops:
  10. Almost RM , the "Stand Off" part appears correct...
  11. If the living accomodation at the nameless ammunition depot somewhere in Warwickshire hasn't been improved since it was new in 1976 then it's an absolute disgrace. It was sh1t when I last visited 14 years ago and its amazing to me anyway that we still are lucky enough to have people serving prepared to put up with this sh1t.

    The PFI thing is scary though - my as yet unborn Grandchildren will be paying for these PFI's.
  12. The Sgt's Mess In Buller Bks is in a similer crap state mould everywhere freezing cold, no hot water. Also ref St Omer approx 1000 new bed spaces and 300 parking spaces, nice one!
  13. You shouldn't have paid for the accommodation;it is 4*downgraded, and considered to be "unpleasant living conditions". Mention it to your admin people, and you should be able to claim it back.