Slalom Canoeing...Olympic SILVER!! Flat water GOLD & bronze.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Riabright, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Campbell Walsh goes in the Men's K1 Slalom Kayak TODAY.
    ( Tues Aug 12.) Semi-final, then final, from 8am. (bst)

    Campbell won silver last time in Athens, & has a real chance of going one better. :D

    David Florence is also competing in the C1.
  2. Always cheer on Campbell not cause he is a fellow jock but we were in the same Kayaking club when we were younger.

    He was just a wee bit better!
  3. I remember him as a little boy. :D I used to see him at slaloms at Grandtully & Fairnilee. I went through Div. 2 with his sister Kimberley.

    Did you do slalom too?
  4. That I did with CR CATS.

    Only got to Div 3 though.
  5. Starts right now, Freeview 301.
  6. David Florence has just won SILVER for GB in the C1. :D :D :D

    Campbell Walsh didn't make the final having taken the, er, scenic route round gate 8 in the semi's...... :(
  7. Todays slalom canoeing has been cancelled until tomorrow due to stormy weather. ( Consider this - they use carbon fibre paddles......these conduct electricity.......lightening storm....... :eek: hence postponed to prevent fried canoeists. :twisted: )

    Women's K1 & C2 Semi's & finals from 8am, bst, tomorrow. (Aug 15 )
    No British interest, although Heather Corrie is from Manchester, but now competes for USA.
  8. ...and his parents have just been struck by lightening!

    I personally feel that we're doing quite well in the canoeing... no of them have gone missing yet :roll:

    I'll get my coat...
  9. Having spent many years taking the p*ss out of flat water canoeists, ( as a slalom paddler 8) ) I'm happy to report Tim Brabants has won a gold for GB in flat water K1. :D ( Our first ever for canoeing.)
    Has a chance of winning another too.
  10. He's just won bronze too. :D