Slagging off yanks

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by boney_m, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. Just been chatting to exdvr1 - and remembered this little gem:

    me: Name me a state begining with PH?

    Yank: Philidelphia?

    Me: Nope, Pearl Harbour

    Yank: Thats not a state!

    Me: Was when the Japs left it!!!

    Nothing like insulting american pride to fuel them!!!

    Anyone else got an exmple???
  2. Worked with the yanks GW2 what a bunch of cowboys they do not have a clue infact it was beyond a joke they were dangerous hope i dont have to work with them again
  3. Oh Yes,

    Just remembered. This is no duff.

    GW1, deployed North of the border with some SPAMS. Trying to raise comms back to their base. No signal, nothing at all.After hours of trying!, moving "between"? the Sat radios! Realised they were both trying to callup each other.? Except one of them should have been back at camp in Saudi.

  4. Has anyone seen all the stuff in the papers about the yank female private that was supposedly raped and filled in during GW2 what a load of bo**ocks she must be laughing now shes out the Army living it up in New york going to film premiers and eating in fancy restaurants!!!!!!!!! All cos she was in an RTA
  5. What happened next??