slagging match TA vs Reg Vs Walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spad, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. There are many threads here which have tryed to be to the point but all ways manged to end up in the typical Reg vs TA vs Walt,
    so here's the place to do it.

    lets keep it light and not a personal attack on any one!

    The better the banter the better the reading,

    ding ding round 1!

    ow and we all know the Regs couldnt work with out the TA
    TA wouldnt exsit with out the Regs
    and Walts wouldnt be Walts with out either of them.... well in military field any way!
  2. I have a feeling that your going to come off worst by the end of this thread!
  3. What a bone thread
  4. you forgot the acf or do they come under the walts category?
  5. Who died and made you God ??
  6. Ding ding round 2.

    Fuckoff you utterly boring cunt.
  7. And while we're at it let have boys v girls, dogs v cats and RLC vs all the other Regts. :roll:

    Half the point of any thread is banter, why would you want to spoil it?
  8. Go and do something creative with a bridge and gravity you dull puppy
  9. Command decisions after 33 posts! ..... to the hole!
  10. Typical reg.................square jawed, steely eyed defender of democracy and alround good guy, able to outrun a gazele, shoot the wing off a fly at 300m, joined the army, 'cause someone has to defend the country', witty, charming and beating the girls off with a shitty stick.

    Typical TA.........Fat, didn't have friends at school, can't make friends in their current workplace, couldn't run to the corner shop without having to stop, can't even zero a wpn, joined the TA to meet equally dull people who can't make friends and because the regs seemed too much like hard work (i mean 14 weeks basic, thats like 7 years of TA aggressive camping all in one go!!!)bores girls rigid with his tales of daring do on Hanckley Common every other weekend, provided his mum doesn't need help with the shopping that is.

    Walt...see TA

    Happy now Spad :D

    And this is in good humour :wink:
  11. Regs, aka PSGs.
  12. crunchie......... effing brilliant!
  13. [​IMG]

    Know your place.
  14. edited.

    and still in good humour.
  15. :D , didn't even try Tesco's, it isn't all about the money, for some of us its a calling :wink: