Slag or Sex Addict

Good girl I say.

I would, but I'd defo use condoms.
Well as it seems she only goes for good looking, younger men. That is 99.9% of Arrsers out of the equation.
"It was difficult to fit it all in"

snigger snigger


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What I would like to know is; how could such a self confessed shagaholic keep an accurate tally? As for practising safe sex FFS, yeah, right love.
Mind you, 1000 hapless victims over a 25 year career (if her age is spot on) is only 40 a year . Any way I'm too old and fucking ugly and she is too skinny.
and nobody has suggested which arrser she may be.
Frankly, I'm surprised.
She looks like a slim Tony Hadley, and NO i wouldn't!
Her clack must be like the top of a welly boot! Wonder if there's an echo when she fanny farts.

Still would though, mind you in present circumstances I would do a barbers shop floor if it were damp.

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Given her qualifying criteria, I have got no chance, so I will adopt my high horse position. Since when as this sort of shit been newsworthy? Has she no shame, going public, the minger?
you wouldn't? are you a civvy? its free PT!
To get some phys I would rather do press ups over PG's week old soiled kecks than stick my tool in that creature!

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