Slag off other members thread

He's off on his travels so this is an ideal time to give him a slating :D
Great Danes?

Nope, he did once get found with a not so great swede..... (gender suspect)

He's goen to the land of the septic........ think he is gonna meet up and bump uglies with Mrs Doubtfire..(LNV) :D :D :D
I have information that LNV is infact mutts mum and by a miraculous coincidence, his sister.

I heard that he had proposed marrige to her too.
Oooh, PG, your sooo grown up!!

Your almost acting like a proper moderator! :lol:

mdn, the link gives most the 404 error, which is proberbly for the best. The view would induce most to epilepcy followed by exploding eyeball sockets and then death.

When does the dullard get back?

:D :D :D :D

Muttleys mum and sister and future wife :D

Flash you get that message because you are banned...child :D
Please cover that picture up.....its an abomination to humanity 8O
looks like she's been run through a field of stingy nettles and then been ducked head first into a bucket of Sh**
Face like a kicked in lumpy box, but Mutttley loves her :D
couldnt the thread name be changed to lets slag off muttley and LNV?
that would be much better

If muttley loves that toilet seat, then someone needs to give him a smack over the head with a heavy object....
He is going to cry when he sees this.... :D

Flash put me up to it
She looks like Bernard Manning just after a particularly heavy Napalm bombardment.

The only thing I'd shag that with is a claw hammer.
Put me right off me tea!

Did she put her make up on with a 12 bore?

Mutt loves her though so she must have a 'nice personality'.
Mummy used to comb her hair with a thunderflash and apply her make up with a bunsen burner and sythe

My poor dog, only just revived him from the F-3 thread on pprune, gone back in the garden and topped himself

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