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Yeo_Man said:
EX_STAB said:
HE117's comment about soldiers "living with" their weapons is a good one. Issue blank for all exercises and training and have soldiers do their training with weapons "made ready".

It will focus minds!
As stated here and earlier in the thread, this approch works and is a useful method for training, as is removing the sling to ensure two hands on the weopon.

So how well does training with blank encourage troops to observe good weapons drills?

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For a start, it makes it far harder to disguise sloppy weapon handling if the result is a loud noise. Offrs & NCOs would need to be on the ball to ensure the blokes didn't simply bang an empty mag on the moment they were out of sight. Wouldn't be so much of a problem in Infantry units, but OA&S don't necessarily have the same expectation of making gat go bang while e.g. camming up a sigs node.

I can imagine a few QMs seeing their MBEs going out the window once they realise the scale of ammo indents.
If I remember correctly the Yanks have been doing it for a year or two now. Good idea in my opinion.
interesting this one, as an ex inf soldier i always took great pride in my weapon handling drills, never had a problem myself or seen a problem with anybody in the unit when it came to personnel weapons.
i do agree that being more than familiar with a weapon is better, therefore having the weapon loaded with blank is a fine idea but could back fire (pardon the pun).
surely the problem is not enough training to get people to or keep them at the required standard, so whilst carrying weapons loaded with blank is good and will show mistakes very easily the correct thing to do is teach people and keep them at the best standard possible.
also more clarification is required from the people doing the teaching, during many wht's ive have come across different styles and different ways with some nco's that have not been consistant with the others. adding there own little tests in there when it comes to stoppages.
maybe its something that sasc need to look at.

i do recall an incident on telci 2 when our weapons were being inspected by the armourer, one lads weapon had been brought back with him in the ambulance because he spanked in, the armourer got the weapon at some point and did not carry out nsp's therefore having an nd. he was a ssgt!
Out of my territory, but FWIW ....

International shooting competitions in the USA in the 90s. At the start of the day you were issued the day's rounds ... full stop, ammo issue then closed down. Apparently that's their system ... you learn from Day 1 over there to look after your ammunition, keep your pouches fastened and perform all the rest of the basic drills. Foul up and [guess what] you're a loser.

UK ... here's the 10 rounds for this practice, we really can't trust you.

The idea of mixing blank and balls makes my teeth itch, but I think I can see the principle behind it.

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