Slack Drills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ritchie-Hook, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. coffin drill shambles

    Have a look at the bloke on the left.

    Clearly more peaceful times mean the "volunteers" are a little out of practice in their coffin drill.
  2. Were these the same weapons that were put out of use?
  3. Tricky things to use, these pistols that Sein Fein keep telling us have all been destroyed. Glad to see the PSNI actively dealing with terrorist activity :roll:
  4. Aye,but that's a very large crowd to try and kettle!
  5. Is that DPM familiar to anyone? Oh, the irony.
  6. They've not gone away ya'know!

    Must have been a bit of rust in those pistols since they were "Put beyond use".
  7. all a bit tricky with rubber gloves on.
  8. One would expect a few diehards to make a fuss but to have that large of a crowd approving their antics is telling. I have long suspected the IRA has simply been taking a breather while the economic situation was good... now with it taking a down turn and weakness in the British government it seems to be reconstituting itself.
  9. Oh well,at least there is a dead provo c unt inside the coffin.....
  10. Only the naive ever believed the IRA ( in whatever guise) would "go away". Have we not learnt from times past that we will always have to be alert and on our guard.
    The bastard who hanged himself and was given a "hero's" funeral killed a friend and neighbour of mine, brutally and within sight of his wife and young child. He tried to kill others. The PSNI will doubtless be blamed for this worm's death but we are best rid of such people however they go.
    It is well known of course that within his home town are many who would also like to kill their neighbours for following a different political line from theirs. The applause is not therefore so surprising.
  11. Great news another murdering scum bag has jossed it .
  12. Bit of a sparse "volley", could have done with some more celebratory fire, :twisted:
  13. With drills like that they show themselves for what they are; an indisciplined rabble who can't even fire a volley over their dead 'soldier'. Murdering scum to a man. However I'm sure many that were there and clapping were doing so to avoid having their houses firebombed for being less than enthusiastic. Such is the detritus they live amongst.
  14. Because you can end decades of strugle and hatred overnight! :roll:
  15. I truly believed that the 'Saviour of the World' had been to Belfast only a day or two ago, to sort all this out.

    Peace-making seems to be another forte of the unelected oaf on a par with his economics.