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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by HarveyMac, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. wow, its no wonder the army is short of man power in all sectors when perfectly fit and healthy aplicants are being royaly messed around when visiting their AFCOs'. Heres just a short list of the BS i have heard and had from them,

    1) You cant be an officer because you have a Btec national diploma (equivilent of 3X A levels) where i obtained a Distinction and two merits, A and 2 C's in A level terms.

    2) You cant have a Jobs list with jobs that need GCSE's because they havent seen my certificates because they are in kenya because my dad was posted there for two years, and we were shipped off home before the certificates had arrived, even though i did have a signed letter from the head master, and a statement of results from cambridge university.

    3)Finally my certificates had been shipped out from kenya by a wo1 at BATUK, and on reciving them i took them to the afco, where i SHOULD have been offered, a new jobs list, a medical questionaire and my interview 1, my afco advisor was said "cheers for the quals, i'll get back to you..." i then had to remind them about the 3 following things...!

    4) i was then presented with a new jobs list, which was exactly the same as my old one (without my gcse qualifications entered) and when i said i wanted to be either a communications systems engineer RsIGS/av tech in the REME i was told simply, no you havent qulified for these jobs, and THESE are the ONLY ones you can do! I was then informed i was infact correct and that my Kenyan international certificates of secondary education "werent going into the computer" and would have to be faxed away and then converted.. what an admare

    5) Having to book a gap in my working day for my interview, where i had to start work from 5am till 8am then do my interview and get back for 1pm, but when i got to the afco i was made to wait 50 minutes in a back room whilst my careers advisor chatted with someone on their first visit enquiring about the TA! needless to say i ws late back to work and very angry.

    6) The following week i was rung up, and told by my afco advisor that 'he was sorry to be the bearer of bad new but my aplication to join the british army had been declined and it was all over (on medical grounds). At this point i was on the verge of throwing the towl in, and i thought it was all over. being extremly gutted my dad picked up on this and went balistic, he got hold of the adsc and demanded to know why i was declined entry, where he was then told... "erm nope, he hasnt been declined entry at all... he has been deffered for 2 months however due to a recent injury, meaning i would have to fill out a diary of what i have done tairing wise for the next two months. needless to say we were all shocked and my dad had a few words for the guys at my afco!

    i hope you have found this all very interesting, i am off for my "interview 3" tommorow, lets hope theres nothing to add when i get home tommorow...
  2. I don't think you qualify if your 19 and run a mile and a half in almost 13 minutes. I would say that a "fat biff" maybe a better description of your good self.
  3. Hey,

    19 Years Young
    1.5mi run time is 10.26
    Heaves around 3/4

    Looking to get into a technical trade,Royal Sig's/REME

    Dad/Uncle/Grandad/Grandpa/2XCousins in the Navy, rodesian light infantry, and British Army

    what more do you wanna know?
  4. Were you deffered until the chip was removed from your shoulder?

    Or because daddy had to get involved?

    19 and a 10:36 run time! attitude of a spoilt brat! fook me, Im glad we are pushed for manpower if this is the type trying to get in.
  5. Nothing thanks noodlearms.
  6. hey, theres always going to be people better than me and a few that arent far behind, thats life, so what i cant do 20 odd heaves and a mile in a half in 7 odd minutes? i have a great respect for all forces and just want a clear shot of a chance to be in them, just obviously fustrated that every hurdel is becoming a bit of an issue? Never mind, didnt come here to be critisized about my run times or anything else, or even my qualls.
  7. I bet they were so impressed.

    If you think this is getting fcuked around, I'd quit while you were ahead. You will not enjoy life in the British Army.
  8. Oh dear... LOCKED
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