Slab Murphys house seized

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wowbagger, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Surely he can bunk up with Gerry and Martin for a while....;-)
  2. I bet he's really bothered, doesnt he own a load of other houses in manchester?
  3. I was always under the impression that the south armagh lot were alright for a few quid.
  4. Prefer to see it shelled.
  5. i hope they auction it off, could arrse have a whip round and bid for it?
  6. I bet those misguided dummies from NORAID must be feeling really stupid;Money for the oppressed paddies?
  7. Although I'm sure he and his friends have put enough away for him never to be poor, it is nice to see all the relevent agencies get together, make a combined effort and rip his sordid little empire away from him. Could have been done sooner but as long as it all sticks I for one will be fairly happy with the result.
  8. It's good to see the Garda Siohana's Criminal Assets Bureau has made an example. However what happened the to UK Assets Recovery Agency? They carry out alot of work in the Province and why did'nt they seize Murphy's assets before?.
  9. Brilliant. It's about bloody time that untouchables like Slab are getting punished where it hurts the pocket. It's a bit like the old Capone story - they finally get a vicious psychopathic criminal for dodgy finances! Just a pity they can't get him in the slammer for all the murders that he has either carried out personally, or the ones that he has planned, authorised and financed. They also finally got a criminal conviction against that other psycho Sean Gerard Hughes ( for fiddling finances during foot and mouth a couple of years ago although they couldn't lay a finger on him for killing dozens of soldiers or for that nasty job on supergrass Eamon Collins in Newry (ran him over, stabbed him, smashed his head to a pulp with crowbars etc etc). Terrible, terrible people.
  10. You are fcukin jokin aren't you? Our glorious forces of law and order can't even enforce TV licences and car tax in West Belfast. You don't think they're gonna kick off down in Bandit country?
  11. Your actually wrong. The UKARA have carried out many enforcements in and around all area's of Belfast.
  12. Do the UKARA do TV licenses now?
  13. I had already reported this in the thread "'Slab' Murphy's Assets Frozen!" :)

    Great news eh?
  14. The TV licence enforcements are probably all on the camps!!!