Slab Murphys Farm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by south_down_crab, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Oh what a shame

    Anyone got any marshmallows?
  2. I am sure that he will come out on top, in some sort of insurance scam or something.

    Wouldn't it be a shame if the two fire brigades couldn't agree to who has responsibility to put the fire out?

    Even more of a shame the fire brigade are in work this week, I would love to have seen the Green Goddesses in attendance!!!!
  3. Always thought that farm would be a good target for those Rocket and HMG armed Turboprops the Irish Air Corp got a few years back.

    If it's already on fire he wouldn't mind would he?
  4. ooh, chuck a couple of chops on the barby for us Slab mate
  5. Has anyone got the 'Google Earth' coordinates?

    Perhaps it's not worth it it, the view would be obscured by smoke :D
  6. The first thought that came into my head Hope they phoned the Belfast fire bigade, wouldn't make a nice picture Fire Brigade from NI saying to the Fire Brigade from the Republic After You,NO,NO,After You meanwhile flames go higher and smoke gets thicker Nice picture I suppose it's too much to hope for that old Slab was in there Is he still in Clink??
  7. I think he's just experienced Murphy's Law for the very first time.

    Still, he got a good grilling.
  8. ets just hope this peice of shit is in it as it burns.............. may the ****** rot in hell.

    But having said that I agree I bet he comes out of this richer than before.
  9. Sadly he'll have plenty of other places to live....and this article, from the Guardian, makes depressing reading.
  10. Crossword clue: Male offspring on a hot insurance scam (5)
  11. Chances are that it was his cronies that started it. Either to destroy evidence of some kind or/and as part of an insurance scam. Let's hope that insurers don't pay out to the fecker.
  12. Third party, fire but no theft?
  13. Given this gentleman's predilection for violence and his nick name, would you be the insurer who decides this was a scam?