Slab Murphy Arrested

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. The BBC World service has just reported that Slab has ben arrested on Tax charges.
  2. Just repeated and it's the Irish (Southern) Police that have arrested him.
  3. Good news, though he'll probably got off on another technicality.
  4. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams made a public statement in support of Murphy following the March 2006 raids. Under political and media pressure over allegations of the IRA's continued criminality in South Armagh, Adams said:
    Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He's a good republican and I read his statement after the Manchester raids and I believe what he says and also and very importantly he is a key supporter of Sinn Féin's peace strategy and has been for a very long time.
    He also said:
    I want to deal with what is an effort to portray Tom Murphy as a criminal, as a bandit, as a gang boss, as someone who is exploiting the republican struggle for his own ends, as a multimillionaire. There is no evidence to support any of that.
    And also:
    He's a good republican . . . Tom Murphy was one of the supporters of this peace process.

    My bold.
    Slab obviously contributed greatly to Sinn Fein's tea swindle, so if he is found guilty, can we also charge Gerry Adams with handling stolen goods.
  5. Either that or he's got a serious inefficient boiler!

    Best laugh I've had in ages!
  6. Good Republican=Has killed for his 'cause'. No doubt we can expect more c**p from Adams this time round on the arrest of his good friend. But hopefully Adams will still be in morning over the death of Martin Meehan over the weekend (Rot in Hell). It was however good that the Garda arrested Slab because the Irish Government don't listen to Sinn Fein as they have no power in the south and therefore they don't have to bow to any pressure from the likes of them.

    A separate arrse thread on Meehan is here

    Edited due to mong insertion of duff hyperlink
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, the criminal assets bureau raided his farm and other properties (that he didn't own) and found underground laundering facilities, millions in euros and stirling, hundreds of thousands of fags and baccy pouches and Gerry I'm-A-Lying-Terrorist-cnut Adams says that he is a good republican who supports the peace process, and by the way, he's not a criminal either.

    So, the Docklands bombing, the killing of Mountbatten, his grandson, the Dowager, the Warrenpoint ambush, all of which he was at the back of (allegedly) were really just peaceful gestures were they?

    Importing bombs and weapons from Libya - just to keep the peace.

    I wonder how many bodies his pigs ate?

    The bloke is a cnut of the first order, and I sincerely hope that both he and Adams die of cancer, slowly.
  8. Well, it brought down Al Capone in the end... :twisted:

  9. Truely a nast piece of work. Lets just hope that the assets recovered go to some of the familiies and freinds of the people of S Armagh that he has terrorised over the last few decades if not longer.

  10. CAB have a good record in pursueing criminals, and generally making their (and familys) life a misery. If they are on Slabs case, he may not be left with much, especially if they are co-operating with the Assets Recovery in NI. Slab has got away with a lot because of his "cross-border" location.
  11. Unfirtunately, he didn't suffer from 'chest pain' a lot earlier. I might not havespent so much time piss-wet and freezing around that neck o' the woods.

    I understand 7.62mm to be quite painful...
  12. A good republican? Nonsense - he's still alive.
  13. Well, Tax evasion is what got Capone locked up. But maybe the tax laws are different south of the border.

    How long before Adams and the others' financial affairs are scrutinised?
  14. Good news. Yet it's a fcuked up world where you can literally get away with murder, but god help you if you don't pay your taxes 8O